Sunday, January 31, 2010

Words the Rhyme with Orange

Oh. My. Word.

If there is one CD that you buy your children, please let the above CD be it. This is, honestly, the best compilation of children's music that I have ever listened to. Being a kindergarten teacher and being the momma of a one-year-old definitely makes me a qualified reviewer, and from the minute Happy to Be Me came on I knew I wasn't going to have any trouble listening to the other 12 tracks on Words that Rhyme with Orange.

We own several CDs full of your run-of-the-mill nursery rhyme songs that basically require eardrum reconstruction after Beckham has requested them to be played on repeat while we're in the car. However, this CD has the exact opposite effect on me. And my husband. We all love it! Beckham affectionately refers to it as funny when we get in the car and I usually don't even have to switch over to CD because it's still in the middle of where we left off from the last time we were in the car. It is a funny CD and the songs are addicting. I have found myself singing along with them long after I've dropped Beckham off at his Nana's, and laughed to myself when I realize that I'm in the car singing about juiceboxes. Alone.

And that brings me to our favorite song. Juicebox. It's basically a song about juiceboxes set to a hip hop beat and it is HI-LARIOUS. I could sing you every word by heart right now, but I will spare you that vlog. As soon as the song before Juicebox ends, Beck is saying Joo-bah from the backseat and bobbing his head awaiting the beat. Our second favorite is Learning My Alphabet, which is a modern take on the ABCs and B has admitted to singing it while walking into his office in front of the woman who works the front desk. I also love Lionmonkeybacondonkey and More, which brings tears to my eyes as he sings about the relationship between a parent and child. I can also sing every word of those songs. As a matter of fact, I can probably sing most lyrics on the entire CD. We've {honestly} listened to it every day since our copy arrived in the mail!

Ross King did a wonderful job on this self-produced album and I promise that you and your children will adore the silly lyrics that truly encompass the way a child experiences his/her world. I highly recommend Words that Rhyme with Orange and hope that you will visit Ross' site, iTunes, or Amazon to get your copy. I promise it is worth it.

Words that Rhyme with Orange, Music CD for children

Age Group This Book/Product is for: 2-12

Put out by: Ross King of Ross King Music

Price: $12.00

Buy Cd and listen to a sample

Purchase at itunes

Purchase at

Ross King Music is independent and “self-produced, which means this product in only available online and not in stores.

{Please note, I am a reviewer for Mama Buzz and was compensated with a copy of this CD for doing this review. However, all of my opinions are factual and I was under no obligation to post positive comments. }

Weekend in Review

The weekend has been a solidly productive weekend, with B finishing up the living room painting project (loooooove our white baseboards and Smoked Oyster paint choice!) and me selecting a thrifty new coffee table that I can't wait to rejuvenate. For only $15, our living room renovation budget barely even noticed. To top it all off, it appears that {knocking on wood} the rest of our furniture has sold! Yay! I'll confirm that when they actually exit my front door and are loaded into the flatbed of their new owners...

That means were are thisclose to starting on the hardwood floors - a gift to ourselves with our tax refund check, which -yes- taxes were also filed this weekend. (!!!!) But I take absolutely zero credit for that, but instead all the glory goes to my amazing 82-year-old, CPA of a Papa who still offers to do our taxes despite his retirement last year. Love. Him.

I think I already mentioned it, but it goes without saying that B will be refinishing our floors, while I cheerlead from my in-laws where we're planning to shack up for the week while the fumes dissipate. While this part is exciting, I am way more excited about DECORATING! It has absolutely consumed my thoughts for the past week when we just up and decided to sell our entire living room furniture set on a whim. Honestly, before last Sunday night, we hadn't even considered it and now I don't know what we're going to be sitting on for the next couple days while we start prepping for the sand-down.

Lastly, one of the highlights of my weekend was unexpectedly meeting darling Miss Lea Liz!!! The first blogger I've ever met in the flesh that wasn't already an IRL friend! I was so excited! She is just as cute and bubbly in person, and little Brody is a doll. Of course we took a picture together, so as soon as she sends it to me, I'll share :)

And, in case you needed proof that my son really does nosh on uncooked spaghetti noodles, here you go:

Friday, January 29, 2010

Fashion Tips Friday

One of my favorite "celebrity bloggers" is hosting a Fashion Tips Friday. And, since I think I have some cred in this area since I did win The Best Dressed Senior superlative in high school, I thought I would delight you with my {cough cough} fashion tips.

And, yes, that entire last sentence is completely sarcastic as I was "best dressed" in the day when pleather pants and bandana headbands were all the rage. Whassup and phat may have also been in my vocabulary. Ahem.

Let me preface this post by saying this: there was a time when I delighted myself in the ways of high end retail fashion and stayed current on all trends and spent an entire babysitting paycheck on what I would wear out on Thursday night. However, that was before I was married and had to do adult things like PAY BILLS. Savings Accounts and Retirement Funds were foreign to my vocabulary and I couldn't have cared less that a sparkly-sequined-leopard-print-top probably wouldn't carry over into the fall of 2002. It didn't, in case you wondered.

But, now I am married and responsibilities seem to take up most of our budget. This is totally not a complaint, as I've actually come to appreciate the creativity that my budget has inspired.

So, without further ado, my #1 fashion tip is...drumroll please...SHOP THRIFT. And if I had to pick a #2 it would be SHOP SALE. But the focus of this post is definitely thrifty fashion.

I don't know if it's because the economy isn't at its best or if I've just never taken the time to look hard enough, but there are tons of quality, trendy clothes at consignment shops and thrift stores. (My theory is that people are looking for quick ways to make some extra cash, so they sell off their clothes not long after purchasing them.)

As I've mentioned before, I LOVE Plato's Closet. This outfit is from there:
Striped T-neck: F21 ($6)
Skinny Jeans: Old Navy ($6)

The following dresses are from a local thrift store where all dresses are $5! Let me write that again: $5! Yes, for the cost of a footlong from Subway, I was able to purchase the following AMAZING deals.

This is a Karta dress with some gorgeous beadwork along the neckline. I could tell when I saw it that it was either vintage, expensive, or both. The verdict is still out on its age, as my brief google search just let me know that it was probably expensive when purchased. This brand is sold at Saks. Also, I am wearing leggings in all pics because goodness knows no one needs to be seeing my Casper-like legs.

This is a BeBe knit sweaterdress. Nothing from BeBe is cheap, so I'm considering it a steal too! (And my eyes look so crazy because I can't believe it was only $5! Ha!)

Next is striped sweaterdress from H&M.

And, lastly is this navy blue belted dress from F21.

I apologize for the pitiful quality of the pics and the unmade bed in the background (please don't scroll back up and look!).

Anyone else a thrifty shopper? Where do you go?

Thursday, January 28, 2010

A Toddler's Top Ten

Becks with The Guys.

Here is a list of Becks' favorite things right now...
  1. Flushing the toilet. Fascinating, I know.

  2. Brushing his teeth with my (or B's) toothbrush (despite having his own). We're all related, right?

  3. Eating raw spaghetti noodles.

  4. Reading books before bedtime.

  5. Pressing the buttons on the printer.

  6. Listening to music in the car. He refers to it as "funny."

  7. Having a "pah-tzu" as soon as he wakes up. He beelines for the kitchen, requesting a pretzel from the glass canister we keep on the windowsill every morning.

  8. Feeding Nana M's dog, Foo Foo, whenever she keeps him. {Foo Foo's real name is actually Lucy, but we think Beck calls her Foo Foo after associating her with dog food.}

  9. Discussing the boat with Papa K every morning over animal crackers and dried cherries.

  10. Hanging out with Big Bird, Bert, and Ernie. He lovingly calls them "The Guys" and he absolutely must bring them all out of bed with him every morning, in addition to his G (lovey) and a blanket. It's quite the armful.

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

The boychild speaks.

Becks talks a lot these days. His gift for gab is from his Mamma. Hands down. In case you had any difficulty understanding, BoBo is what he calls his Aunt Aubrea (my sister) and DoDo is what he calls her BFF, Danielle. And that's me in the background sounding like a blathering idiot.

I'm pretty sure he continued to hit the lamp with his spoon because it sent dust flying.

Note to self: dust lamps.

3 down, 3 to go!

It's a great day, y'all. The sun is shining, the snow is melting, I had lunch at First Watch, and I just sold three pieces of furniture! Also, the mail contained not one bill. I am eating a handful of chocolate chips to celebrate. Maybe two handfuls.

However, Beck is upstairs squawking about the injustice of having to take an afternoon nap, so that's kind of distracting from the peacefulness that encompasses one who just rid herself of 200lbs worth of oversized furniture.

I'm thinking that Craislist is kind of addicting. Now that I've been bitten by the bargain bug, I feel the urge to rummage through the basement to see what other things I can sell. I always feel this way when I sell on eBay too, but then remember how not fun it can be when you have to ship everything. Craigslist is nice 'cause they come to you.

Well, I'm off to be productive, since I will more than likely be completely unproductive tomorrow seeing as the weather is calling for overnight snow. As evidenced by the FOUR posts from yesterday, I don't get a whole lot accomplished when granted an unexpected day off.

I'll leave you with a pic of my band-aid boy. Yes, I opened the door right into his noggin yesterday. Doh. {I cried with him. I felt awful!}

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

PSA: Go Forth and Be Thrifty...

I know. Fourth post of the day. But this one is worthy because everyone needs a good deal, especially on quality children's clothes. So, this is my Public Service Announcement to all moms and those who shop for little ones.


The ENTIRE winter/fall line is on clearance for $2.99!!!!! Everything! (Okay, with the exception of puffer jackets which are $9.99, but that is literally the ONLY exception.)

Please note, these deals are different from those currently online - you MUST go to the store to get these deals. The deals online are MORE EXPENSIVE. Promise - I checked!

For all 22 items pictured above, I spent $56 (including tax)! Regularly $265.99! I bought Becks an entire winter/fall wardrobe for fall/winter 2010, with a couple items for baby showers too - that's why you see pink. Don't get any ideas, I might have the baby bug, but I'm sure as heck not acting on it!

Anyway, go first thing tomorrow. The sale started today and the sales lady said she expects to be cleared out before the weekend. (And, no, I'm not being paid by TCP to endorse this! I just love a good deal!)

I'll leave you with the resident bread thief modeling his peace sign jammies and new crazy hat. Presh.

Doctor Visits...

Okay so I know that it's been forever since I've written... I'm sorry.  You know when you just get in one of those funks... well I've been in one of those for a few weeks now.  And every time that I started writing a blog, it always got interrupted by me having to get up and do something.  And Tripp certainly has a "Mommy's about to do something she likes to do" sensor.  When he was born, I kept telling myself that it's only going to get easier because we are going to learn everything that we need to know and do.  But boy was I totally wrong.  There hasn't been a day yet that I've thought, "Wow, things are really getting easier."  I cannot wait for that day.  He is absolutely 24 hours a day.... 7 days a week, non-stop.  And I know what you're thinking,  'Why in the world isn't she getting someone to come in and help her?'  But the fact is:  I am Tripp's Mommy and this is my job.  I don't want someone else in my house doing my job.  AND, it's not that I can't physically do this, it's more difficult emotionally and how is someone coming into my house going to help me stop hurting when I see him in pain and see him struggling to breathe?   I know when I have had enough and I have my family here for me to let me rest when I absolutely can't go anymore.  The bottom line (and I hate to say this) is that I don't know how much time I am going to have with Tripp.  I may have the rest of my life or I could have only today.  But with all that's going on and with the odds against him... I certainly am not taking any chances.  I want to be in front of his face for every smile, every tear, every moment of his life and I will cherish every single second we have together, because I don't want to have any regrets.  No, this is totally not what I wanted, not what I expected, and definitely NOT fair, but it was handed to me... it hasn't been easy and I don't know if it will ever get easier.  But I am so in LOVE with this child that there are no words that can express what I feel when I look at him.  And that's all it takes to keep me going.  The nights haven't been so bad.  I'm getting up to suction a good bit, but then he goes right back to sleep.  He would definitely be sleeping through the night if it weren't for all the secretions.

Anyway, we had 2 doctor appointments today.  First we saw the eye doctor, then the ENT.  The past week I have started noticing that the corner of his right eye was a little swollen.  Then it started having a lot of drainage and now there is a piece of what looks like red beefy skin hanging down in the corner of his eye from his top eyelid.  The doctor said that it could be one of two things:  Symblepharon (which she said is sometimes seen in EB but I've never heard of it, where the tissue from the eyelid can fuse to the eyeball).  She said if that's what it is, then it will eventually need to be snipped (in the Operating Room... ugh.)  OR it could be a dermoid cyst, which won't go away but we can keep the swelling under control with the steroids (surprise, surprise).  So she referred us to a specialist because if he does need surgery eventually, she doesn't do that... the specialist does.  So we will see him next week on the 2nd.  She gave me some antibiotic ointment until then.  WHAT DO I THINK IT IS?  She couldn't really open his eye to see in it because he was so upset, but when he was sleeping and I lifted his eyelid, it sure looked just like a big sore to me.  Probably from rubbing his eye so much.  But who knows what it is?  I'm not the eye doctor.  Only time will tell... we will see if the antibiotic ointment helps I guess.  And if I could pry his hands away from his eye and keep him from rubbing it maybe one day it will have a chance to heal!  So then we saw the ENT.  I went back to her because the custom trach she ordered that I waited 2 months to get in (glad we didn't have an emergency) was the wrong trach.  It was shorter, not longer.  Which wasn't exactly a horrible thing, because it went in on top of the other sores. In fact, maybe it was heaven sent.  But for some reason my suction catheters that I was using (8F) don't fit in this new trach (and it's the same diameter.)  So I am having to use some smaller ones (6F) that we got from the hospital when he first got his trach.  And the smaller ones just don't do the trick when it comes to suctioning our all his secretions.  So we are having issues with that, but we will make it.  Anyway, the ENT said that from what she could see his airway looked pretty good!  So maybe changing out the lengths and the steroids will do him good for a while.  And I'm sure all of your prayers are working!  Thank you all so much and please keep them coming!

Oh and I want to send a HUGE Thank You to Leah's mom, Meg.  She sent us boxes of stuff, bandaging supplies, trach supplies, ointments, you name it.  It was such a huge help, especially since our home care company stopped carrying our duckie collars!!  Thanks, Meg.  I know that wasn't easy for you to pack all of those things up, but it was such a blessing to us.  We love you guys.

Once again, I'm sorry I've been such slacker with my posting... but please don't give up on me!  I guess I shouldn't promise I will post more often because it's just been impossible for me to sit down and have the time to do it.  But thank you so much to everyone who has been emailing me in concern.  I truly appreciate it and it really makes me feel good to know that so many people out there care about us and follow my blog!  All over the country!  There are really some amazing people out there.

Now for the pictures....
This is him right now as I'm typing... HINT: that's why I'm typing...

4 generations.

Tripp with his baseball... Oh so precious.

Falling asleep during bath...

Geaux Saints!

Who Dat, Daddy??

Inspiration bored {pun intended}

There is not much to report this afternoon. As I mentioned earlier, I knew it was going to be an entirely unproductive day. The things I could have done, far outweigh the things I've actually accomplished today; namely, drinking hot chocolate and snuggling under a blanket. I've also done quite a bit of internet browsing in search of inspiration for the living room. It's a giant blank canvas and I just want to attack it with a color and accessories and new furniture.

Except, I have to sell the old furniture first. All of it. All six oversized pieces of it that have always been far to large for our small space. But when you see it amidst the display room floor furniture, you think it will fit perfectly - despite the fact that you measured - and, while it does fit, it sort of overwhelms the place as if it were like too many people crowded into an elevator and someone passed gas and everyone just wants to escape. That's how my furniture feels. It told me.

So I craigslisted it, hoping that someone with an expansive family room will want to adopt it and love on it and not mind the ocassional stray dog hair in the cushions. I've actually thought I sold it twice, and then because I AM HONEST I disclosed that it wasn't in perfect condition - which I think would be obvious because it's on craigslist - but in doing that, I think I scared them away and haven't heard back. Arg. Cross your fingers, say a prayer, and ask the furniture Powers That Be to let someone take this stuff off of our hands in the next two weeks so we can avoid trying to find somewhere to store it all while we refinish the hardwood.

Here are some of the inspiration images I've found...

#2. RoomEnvy.

#3. RoomEnvy.

#4. RoomEnvy.

#5. House To Home.

Thoughts? Suggestions? Know anyone in my area that wants to buy all my furniture?

Off again?!

It snowed last night. Or what might be considered a heavy frost in most parts of the US. Enough to call for Snow Day #4, though. One more and we'll start chipping into my summer vacation. Not acceptable.

I can pretty much guarantee I'm going to be unproductive today. I might finish a load or two of laundry, do some online shopping for Becks' Fall/Winter 2010 wardrobe, and pick up toys off the floor 12-14 times before noon.

Doesn't this striped sweatsuit make you think that Beck belongs in a retirement home in Florida, getting ready to play a round with fellas named Frank and George?

Lint rollers are the toy du jour. That and daddy's toothbrush. Shhh, don't tell!

Monday, January 25, 2010

Nanas are the best!


  • Vienna: I thought she was going tonight, y'all. This is a TV show, and I'm allowed to have favorites and she's just not one of them. Prediction: She will continue to wear excessive eye makeup and maybe they'll finally get her a highlight. {I can say that because, admittedly, I'm a bottle blonde and need an update too.}
  • Love Corrie and Tenley. Prediction: Both make it to parent's weekend.
  • Ali: She wears an exceptional amount of yellow and reminds me of someone that I can't put my finger on. I'm disappointed in her sudden cattiness and obsession with getting Vienna voted out. Which I think is evidence that her heart is not Jake's - because if it was she'd focus more on him and less on Vi. Prediction: she goes next week.
  • Gia: Talks like a baby. Made Jake carry her like a baby in the midst of the cornfield or wherever the heck they were. Prediction: Next week she'll have a bottle and a binky.
  • Jessie, Ashleigh, Kathryn, Ella: It wasn't meant to be. Bon voyage.
  • I would have to go with the rose ceremony as my favorite 40 minutes from the show. They know how to drag it out, don't they? And I really thought Vi was gonna go. Way to go ABC, I was fooled enough to hang on until the very end.

Can't wait for next week! Remember to use the hashtag #ATFT in your tweets and then follow that link to the page where you can see all of us tweeting together. Too fun!


Our house is old. It needs several renovations. Several expensive renovations. And since my husband is the B-of-all-trades he is convinced that he can accomplish these renovations himself, therefore making them less expensive. But also making them longer lasting.

That is why our hardwood floor still aren't finished one-and-a-half-years later. Oy.

But I am patient. And I will wait.
Even if I've been waiting for almost as long as we've been married. I believe in him and his can-do-it-ive-ness.

In the end it will be worth it. To glide in our socks across slickly lacquered wood. For a fraction of the cost. And the satisfaction that my husband did it all himself.

While I sat back, Diet Coke in hand, and encouraged him from the couch. That is now snugly situated in the dining room with the loveseat. And the TV stand. Two end tables. And a partridge in a pear tree.
What once was this:

Is now this:

We'll be cozy for awhile. But things are finally getting done. Baseboards first, then new paint on the walls, and then we will move out for a week while the hardwood gets sanded and shellacked and then shellacked two more times. Because it is fun to say shellack, is it not?

{PS. See you tonight for After the Final Tweet! Follow me on twitter @babblingabby!}

{PSS. If you live by me, and if you do you know it, all of our living room furniture is for sale on Craigslist. Message me at babblingabby(@)gmail(.)com if you're interested!}

{PSSS. I also have a cute infant boy lot for sale on eBay including Janie & Jack, Ralph Lauren, Baby Gap, and Petit Ami if you're an eBay-er. Check it out here!}

Sunday, January 24, 2010

Worthy of Posting Again (IMO)

Hello, all! We, er, B has been busy all weekend doing work around the house that I can't wait to post about (yay for progress!), so I haven't had so much a spare second to write since, well, as Rach would say I've been living it soooooo I found one of my fav posts to repost. And, with V-day a mere two weeks away, I thought it was worthy of reposting.

Take a walk with me back in the late 90s. Let's hold hands as we revisit 8th grade...

Originally posted on February 3, 2009.
A Valentine Tale to Warm Your Heart

This is me circa 1998 before 8th grade formal. We're at o'Charleys. And, yes, I did have my sideburns curled into tight, spiraly ringlets (who didn't) and I did dance with a boy for the first time at that dance. And it was very, very awkward.

After my ridiculously healthy lunch of raisin bran, chex mix, and a bowl of fresh blueberries, I am now contentedly blogging and watching The Sisterhood of the Travelling Pants II. Naturally, I have already read all four books. But that is no surprise to you, since you already know about my adoration of YA lit.

Speaking of YA lit, I recently came across Everything I Needed to Know About Being a Girl I Learned from Judy Blume. It's a compilation of essays by some amazing women writers describing how the Era of Blume affected them growing up. Now, I certainly didn't rely on Judy for everything (I had a pretty involved mom who kept me in the know), but I loved and still love the controversial Judy Blume. While Summer Sisters is my standard re-readable beach text, I could totally relate to the awkwardness of many of the middle-school-aged-characters, and have had many a cringe-worthy moment paging through my own journal entries from that pubescent period in my own life.

Awkward is describing that time in my life mildly. Just thinking about being 12 and 13 again sends my gag reflexes retching. Ugh. Ugh. Ugh. I was a total nerd, content reading The Babysitter's Club long after my own age passed that of it's All-American characters. My friends and I would sit, phone in hand, anticipating our first call, after having passed out our own BBC fliers throughout the neighborhood.

Furthermore, I was happy in my naivety that Santa Class actually existed when I was 13, and believed that if I prayed hard enough I might never have to endure my first period or have to ask my mom to buy me a bra. Double cringe. I remember my mom giving me a copy of Are You There God, It's Me Margaret and my cheeks flushing when I read its content. I immediately decided I would NOT read it. My prayer was more like, Are you there God? DON'T EVER LET ME GROW UP! I wanted to stay a little kid forever and I NEVER wanted boys to so much as notice me.

Socially, I was a middle school Quasimodo. I transferred my 7th grade year to a school whose hierarchy of those-who-are-popular and those-who-are-not had been established way before I made my way onto the scene. Moreover, the division of popular girls wore Tommy Girl perfume and sported the latest Nike Air Maxx on their feet, and I wore K-Mart knock-offs and tapered jeans that barely reached my ankles. (Praise be to God the year long, bootcut jeans were invented.) I distinctly remember sitting in class and a boy asking me if I was waiting for a flood. The nerve.

And then there was the Year of the Candygram, which will forever be a pivotal point in my adolescence. You see, every year around Valentine's Day, the student council (which I, of course, was on) would sell Candy Grams for $1. Candy = oversized lip lollipops Gram = personalized message that included a lot of LYLASs, BFFs, and TTYLs. I bought like $20 worth of them - which was actually a lot of my babysitting money that I earned from my rather successful club that included mainly me. My theory was this: if I send Candy Grams to all of the popular kids, I will then earn their friendship and become popular myself. Because, when you're a second class citizen at 14, this is all you desire.

To make a long story short, utter devastation followed when I received a fraction of the Candy Grams that I sent out, mostly from my nerdy comrades. To top things off, the same day we received these special treats was the same day as the Sports Banquet. (I played volleyball. My towering height had to be good for something.). While I sat at a table with my parents and the parents of a fellow player, everyone else sat at a table with their friends. I was the only kid at a table full of adults, further exemplifying just how big of an outcast I was. Or at least that's how it appeared to me when I was 14. And the whole massacre of a day doesn't end there.

I won the award for Most Improved Player. My coach prefaced my introduction by telling the entire audience that I would get so nervous before each game that I would have to go the bathroom multiple times before I would hit the court. Ahhhhhhh! Can you even believe that?! Blood is rushing to my face as I type.

It was from that night on that my sole goal in life was leaving my nerdiness behind to pursue a career worthy of popularity...

I would become a cheerleader.

As pathetic as it sounds, I devoted the rest of 8th grade, and much of 9th grade to trying out, and eventually making, the cheerleading squad at my high school. I left a promising volleyball career with potential scholarships, for a backhandspring I would never perform without a spot and the attention I so desperately craved from the popular girls. This would go on to be a slumber party topic I would broach frequently when I made it into their ranks (along with, WHY DIDN'T YOU SEND ME A CANDYGRAM IN 8th GRADE?!) And, after I conquered my own insecurities along with realizing the shallow lives that many "popular" people lead, I made a sincere effort to be friends with everyone from that point forward - popular or not.

Now you know the rest of the story.

And thank you for listening to the cathartic rehashing of my unabashedy awful middle school years.

Thursday, January 21, 2010

Life's more fun when you eat with your fingers.

Some days, you just gotta throw in the towel and remember that one day you will miss the fact that your son no longer eats with his fingers.

Just remember to save that towel, because eating spaghetti with your fingers is never a clean event.

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Proudly pulling off the polkadot.

I do not remember what it is like to shop independently. To casually stroll through clothing racks without a baby pulling a sweater or two from the wall, as he expresses a wide-eyed "uh oh!" while the plastic hangers clatter to the ground. Seemingly, clothing stores are the most child-inaccessible places, as all the racks and tables are thisclose to one another, making stroller maneuvers next to impossible without taking out a stack of jeans or pile of camisoles. Undoubtedly, this is a strategic measure to ensure that their stores are toddler free, though I would suggest just widening the aisles a tad so the sales associate doesn't have to scramble after me cleaning up the mess of clothes I leave in our wake as I apologetically make my way to the exit.

These days, shopping isn't so much a pleasurable event as it is a race against the clock to see if I can make it in and out of stores without visiting a little town us parents know as Meltdownville. It's right next to Imgonnathrowatantrum City, in case you wondered. To avoid both, I am usually forced to provide edible entertainment via a lollipop or ridiculously overpriced Auntie Ann's pretzel sticks. Both require extensive wipedowns post consumption and vigorous teeth-brushing when we get home. I am not proud of this routine, but I also need to be able to buy a new bra every once in five years in peace. (You think I kid. And a nursing one doesn't count.) Plus, I consider it a service to fellow patrons, as a lollipop guarantees his mouth is preoccupied and nary a whine can escape when there's a root beer dum dum to enjoy.

So we went to the mall today, and in addition to the bi-decade undergarment I acquired, I also am a complete SUCKER for baby jammies. I dare you to argue that there's anything cuter than a freshly bathed munchkin in fleece footy pajamas. They happened to be on sale for $3.99 a pair at The Children's Place, so I snatched up a couple of keepers and couldn't wait until bedtime to zip him into a pair. As you can see.

So, goodnight BFFs. I'm off to snuggle with the cutest, polkadotiest little bear you ever did see.

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Quick update.

Hey guys.  Quick update because we had a really hard and busy day.  Tripp is already sleeping so I need to go to bed.  We went to the ENT today and she looked down his trach and said that the blisters were all around the outside of his trach in his throat.  THAT JUST PLAIN SUCKS.  There's really no other way to put it.  Sooooo, she put the longer trach in and it bypasses the blisters but he is still sucking up the side of his throat when he breathes.  So we will have to wait and see if the longer one makes new blisters and if the old blisters heal by that time....  Don't ask me what we do if they don't heal or get worse because I have NO clue.  He's still on a pretty good dose of steroids everyday and the ENT started him on a high dose of Pulmicort, which I give him with the nebulizer (the breathing treatments).  So we will see if that helps with any swelling he might have.  ?????? Anyway, we came home and I was pretty upset because he wasn't breathing good and he was miserable.... but as the night went on, he started feeling a little better.  So please say some prayers that things stay okay.  It is so hard to describe how it feels to see him struggling to breathe and in so much pain.  We skipped bath today so we didn't get him anymore worked up than he already was!  OK, going to bed.  Will update again as soon as I get a chance.  Thank you so much for all of the support.  It is VERY MUCH needed.

Pics from Sunday's bath:

The Library is No Longer Just for Books

I need to go the grocery store. While we did make it to the library and to get some more car work done (hellllooooo $74 synthetic oil change), I just couldn't muster up enough energy to sprint through Kroger for gallon of milk or a bag of pretzels. So I am stuck rummaging through the pantry looking for something that will satisfy my sweet-and-salty needs and all I am left with is a jar of peanut butter and a sleeve of saltines.

So, the library. Beckham loves the library. And not because there are shelves upon shelves of children's literature at his disposal. More so because there is ramp within the children's wing that he can ascend and descend over and over and over again. All the while I chase after him, trying to prevent him from succumbing to his 18-month-old akwardness. He is usually busy looking one way (at the computer nooks! wow! at the little boy! wow! at the display window! wow!) and his little body is running the other way. This results in lots of tripping and sometimes falling while I stifle a snicker at how cute he is recovering shamelessly from his spill in front of his peers - all of whom are too consumed by this mix-and-match magnetic animal body parts to so much as glance at my tumbling tot. He just plants his hands in front of him, raises that little tushy in the air, rights himself, and he's ambling off looking for other adventures between the towering shelves.

This is why I do not bother with a gym membership. Because chasing after Beckham is exercise enough. Can I get an amen?

Also, as a sidenote, it completely amazes me at the number of children (some as young as three!) left alone within the confines of the children's wing while their parents are out in the main library. As if the library isn't prone to, you know, child predators or anything.


Have a Terrific Tuesday!

Monday, January 18, 2010

The Bachelor Comments #3

  1. Vienna gets the first individual date. Interesting. {I'll just put it out there: she's not my favorite.} I don't think she's intense either - as Jake puts it.
  2. The scene on the bridge before the jump is just killing me. Em.Bar.Assing.
  3. "I have stern questions and you have great answers." - Jake to Vienna. Jake, what exactly is a "stern" question?
  4. Michelle just described the hair pulling that will ensue during her and Jake's first kiss. (Update: NO HAIR PULLING. Only awkwardness. And then she's gone.)
  5. Did y'all pick up on Jake defending Vienna after Corrie impersonated her?
  6. "I think she needs a husband, but I think she needs a therapist first." Guess who that was about? CLASSIC.
  7. Aw, Tenley's story is heartbreaking. And her ex is a jerk if what she said is true.
  8. Michelle just pulled out the baby card. If Jake only knew what we all did. CAH-RAY-ZEE.
  9. And now she's gone. Shooooo. I really think she needs help.
  10. Beep! Beep! Beep! Did you hear Ella's dad-dar going off while she watched Jake with Ethan?
  11. Elizabeth, I liked you, but the crazy teasing is out of control. And annoying.
  12. I missing the drama this week. Just not doing it for me.
  13. Maybe I'm missing Michelle. She at least kept things entertaining.

Overall, a boring night. The pregnant thing with Tenley never surfaced, so it must be in a future episode. Next week looks good!

And now for some favorite tweets:

  • @duetdiva: I think he might poo his pants folks.
  • @namastebyday: Anyone else hear the psycho "eeek eeek eek eek" every time Michelle is onscreen?
  • @daveandbrit: Dave says Vienna looks like she is better suited for "Flavor of Love".
  • @namastebyday: Bwahahahaha, Michelle just said she is not overemotional. Just like Jake is not dorky.
  • @daveandbrit: sending crazy michelle a copy of "He's Just Not that Into You" right now

Monday Monday

We returned from our weekend at the lake yesterday, and after spending most of our waking hours in the car travelling south and then further south for a babyshower in TN, I just didn't have the energy to upload pictures or a detailed account of the festivities. Plus, I believe my camera is still in the back of my mom's car, and the last picture I took was before Becks and Sophie lost it en route to the shower. My entertainment of the musical variety was not able to compsensate for the five hours they spent in child-restraint devices without napping. Let's just say I can think of a better way to spend my Saturday than strapped into the backseat of an SUV with two kids under three, singing the ABCs on repeat. Literally.

Of course, the trip was totally worth it to shower Baby P and his momma, I just might consider making the trip an adult-only affair in the future. Ah, hindsight...

I am off today in celebration of MLK Day, and have spent the day thus far in my jammies reading the sequel to The Nanny Diaries - Nanny Returns. I couldn't put it down. Having been a nanny myself, I just love this series. Nanny Returns didn't disappoint, and my lesson plans are going to suffer for it since I've just now finished reading it and Becks is awake from his nap. I didn't use his naptime wisely, as I should've. So, though he's watching Sesame Street now, I can't concentrate over Oscar crooning I Love Trash! If I can manage to make myself look publically presentable, as opposed to the sweatpants get-up I currently have going, we may go to the grocery store and the library. I'm not holding my breath, though.

I hope y'all had a good weekend, and that you're planning on joining us for another round of After the Final Tweet tonight. (Did anyone see the preview where Tenley says something about being PREGNANT?!) Also, I highly recommend that you add @rwsquared to your tweeps as she's in on the fun and her tweets are hilarious!

Saturday, January 16, 2010

She's a Butterfly...

This is dedicated to Little Lady Leah... 
and to her parents, Meg and Jeff.
Spread those wings, sweet butterfly. We love and miss you.
Visit Leah's website.

400 Pictures from the Past Week... haha

This poor child will not have ANY pictures of himself to look at when he gets bigger....

His girlfriend Minnie.

Watching the Big Green Tractor song on Mommy's phone.

He is now starting to play Peek-a-Boo.
Where's Tripp??


I love you!

Watching Mickey Mouse with Daddy.

Fell asleep during bath time.

And poor baby doesn't have ANY toys...

Can you see my teeth??!

His cousin Elizabeth. Isn't she beautiful?? I told him he will have to keep those boys away one day!!
He wasn't too sure about a girl, though. All his friends are boys!!

The NEXT bath.... he fell fast asleep again.
Poor man, it wears him out.

My baby's poor precious fingers.

And his gorgeous eyelashes.

Happy 8 Months Tripp!
Aunt Mary T. made him an ADORABLE cake!!
And it was SOME good!
Thanks Aunt Mary!

Yum, this doesn't taste like carrots.

Geaux Saints Geaux!!

Uh, Mom... I'm TRYING to watch Mickey Mouse.

Eating all by himself. Too Bad he got about one bite in before he choked.

Some videos from the past week...

Watching the Big Green Tractor Song...

Singing Happy Birthday...

Happy Feet to the Hot Dog Dance...