Monday, February 27, 2012

The Snowy Day Experiment

I'm beginning to *attempt* weekly science experiments with the girls.
Mostly, I'm trying to instill in them an enjoyment for scientific things and a desire to ask questions and find answers.
So we'll keep it pretty simple but I have to say I am even intrigued by many of the preschool science experiments I've come across!

This past week we worked with ice.
I froze several small objects in ice and added food coloring just because colorful things make for a happier time (right??)!
Then the girls predicted what would make the ice cube melt the fastest: salt, warm water or a blowdryer.
Then they each got an ice cube and went to work with the different methods of melting ice...

First off, salt.
They watched and waited for a couple minutes then set it aside since nothing seemed to be happening.

Then they moved on to warm water.
I considered having them spoon the water over the ice cube but really didn't want our experiment to last all day.
Instead they plunked their ice cube into a glass of warm water.
Instant results!

Finally, they used the blowdryer which took far longer than I had anticipated.
(See, I'm learning too!)
I had to laugh at Tait covering her eyes to keep the warm air from blowing in her face!

Afterwards, we went back to the ice cubes we had added salt to.
They had melted a fair amount and we talked about how we put salt on the driveway to melt the ice and prevent it from being so slippery.

The results:
Warm water melted the ice cube the fastest.
Salt took the longest amount of time.

Piper was bang on with her prediction.
And we all had a blast playing around with ice cubes!

Science is fun!

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