Wednesday, October 30, 2013

A Fast Paced Afternoon

Once again we hit the trail today.
This time with bikes.
And one with just TWO wheels!
This made for a really fast paced walk and lots of blurry pictures.
But Piper was just so proud of her latest accomplishment!
It was sweet to see!
Her grandfather, who taught her this latest skill, recently took of video of her riding her training wheel-less bike.
The whole time she kept yelling, "I'm doing it!!"
Oh, I remember that joy of first time freedom on wheels!
It is exhilarating!

Tait zoomed along, pleased to simply be moving those little legs of hers without a break.
However, she is determined that those extra wheels of hers need to come off soon too....

And this was my view.
This little one just giggles and laughs at her sisters, then flings her head back to make sure I'm sharing in her happiness.

There is nothing like sharing in your children's happiness.

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