Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Happy Halloween

Happy Halloween from our little cowboy and his little cow!
 Keeler insisted on being a cowboy again this year.  Since Kal is still too young to decide I asked Keeler what he thought Kal should be...he liked the idea of him dressing as either his farm dog or his cow.  Sense a theme here folks?  He'll get you back someday big bro but I had to admit both ideas sounded pretty cute.  So when I found this little cow costume we were set.  
 Keeler's costume is mostly items he already had.  He has outgrown his leather chaps he's worn in the past so I picked him up some new ones at a local western store.  
 Keeler had to rope his brother aka cow back in.
I love my three cowboys.  Opps correction, I love my two cowboys and their little cow ;)
Daddy trying to teach Keeler to rope.  I'm more in love with this man every day.
A little #Throwback.  It's amazing how much these two have changed in just 3 short years.  
We hope everyone has a fun and safe Halloween.

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