Tuesday, May 11, 2010

B to the izzy

I am officially in pursuit of my Master's Degree in Education. Thus, I am terribly busy. I am taking an intercession course that is an intense study of school leadership over the next 12 days. So, basically, in two weeks I will accomplish what normally takes an entire semester to do. On top of working and being a mom and wife and such. Plate = full. Blog = not a priority. My nose has been in a book (or two!) for the past 8 hours. The good news is that my entire program is online through the university where I received my B.A. in Education, but obviously involves a lot of self-motivation and discussion on Blackboard.

The last online course I took my senior year in college at UK and literally didn't finish any of my assignments until the week before the semester ended. Wouldn't recommend that. Fortunately, it was a course I was taking pass/fail so I managed to pass despite my minimal effort :)

Anyway, I promise pics of Beck and more substantial posts, but you'll just have to wait until I get the bulk of this class out of the way! I have some great furniture redos in the near future and room redos too (all this schooling is making a home office sound rather appealing).
I know this was boring, but that's what going on and why I'm MIA.

PS. Is anyone planning to tweet during The Bachelorette for #ATFT? If you're in, I'm in! Let me know!

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