Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Tripp's Party!

OK, so I finally finished sorting through the "party pics."  There were about 500+ taken, so it was difficult to choose!  I decided to post a PAGE instead, so if you click on the tab that says "1st Birthday Photos" above, you can see them.

But first I want to give out my "Thank You's."  This party would not have been possible without the help of many people.

I want to thank the members of the Knights of Columbus for letting us use the hall at no charge.  And for taking care of the spacewalk.  Also, for your helping hand in getting ready for the party.  There was a wedding there the night before and when we went in that morning, the whole place was spotless!!

I want to thank Heather Boisclair, her wonderful mother, Pam Lanser, and all of the amazing ladies at her mother's work, who donated their money to take care of all of the food for the party.  Mrs. Pam cooked all of the hotdogs and hamburgers the morning of the party and delivered them to us right off of the grill!! Heather went to high school with Randy, then moved to Texas.  She found our blog through a friend and contacted me.  She offered to make the decorations for the party.  She made the cake banner and the table decorations.  Then when she got back in to the city, she called and wanted to do more.  So she and her mom offered to do the food for us!!  They not only did the hotdogs and burgers- but the drinks, and other kiddie snacks, too!  Isn't that amazing.  I cried like a little baby.  It was an unbelievable amount of stress lifted off of me.

I want to thank "Big E" (Erick St. Amant) for making the jambayla!  And Leanne Schexnaydre for making the potato salad, dips, and wraps :) They were all delicious! (when I finally go to eat!)

I want to thank everyone who came Saturday morning to help us set up.  My dad, Mrs. Pam, PawPaw Carey, my sister, Randy's friend, Nick, Mr. Sean Hymel.  And an extra "thank you" to my dad and PawPaw Carey for blowing up the balloons!! (the party wouldn't have been the same without all of those balloons... though your fingers were about to fall off!!)

A special thank you to my Mom, who stayed with Tripp (and his bo-bo eye!!) while we decorated.

Thank you to my Aunt Michele Ernst, who took the pictures for Tripp's party!  You did an AWESOME job of getting everything!! And also, thank you for burning me a cd because I had a hard time getting them off of the computer!  (that was A LOT of pictures :)

Thank you to my Nanny and Uncle Barry for letting us borrow their ginormous Mickey Mouse for all of the kids to take pictures on!!

I want to thank Mrs. Kristi Hymel for bringing the music (which we thought we had, but found out that morning that we didn't!).  She downloaded all Tripp's favorite songs that morning and had it ready for the party!

I want to thank my Aunt Mary Threeton (who makes the BEST cakes) for making Tripp's cake.  It was EXACTLY what I had drawn out- Perfect!!  I will never forget that gorgeous cake.  (But you will have a LOT of showing up to do for his future birthdays!) Ha.

I want to thank EVERYONE who stayed and helped us clean up!  We really appreciate it!!

And finally, I want to thank everyone who made it to Tripp's party.  I know that everyone has a busy schedule... but we truly appreciate you all taking the time to be there for this VERY special day!!
I'm sure all of you know from reading the blog, but the doctors told us that Tripp would not make it to a year old.  That made "this special day" one of the most important and memorable days in Randy and I's lives.  And those of you who were there to share it with us- we will never forget that.  We love you all.
Thank you for being a part of Tripp's special day!!  Hope you enjoy the pictures!


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