Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Bye Bye Bunny...

Stop. The. World. You are not even going to believe it. Today is a monumental day in the Babbling Household. Today, my friends, I will watch The Hills and The City in realtime. Today, my husband will plug into Animal Planet. Today, we will retire the bunny years.

Yes, today, WE GOT CABLE.
Shocking, I know, but this frugal mama thought that $15 extra a month added on to our cable internet bill wasn't that big of a deal. It's kind of like a rite of passage, right? After 4 years of marriage (yup, 4 years this coming Friday!), we can now have people over to watch sports games and not be embarrassed when the wind blows and our reception goes with it :)

In other news, we also had a $300 plumbing fiasco. But when the plumber initially thought it was going to be $2500 jack-hammer job in the basement, $300 seemed like pennies. Being a home owner is superfun.

Lastly, to recap our weekend quickly, we went to a totally fab housewarming party at Dr. B's. And with the amount of stress I'm experiencing these days, a night with some of our fav couples was just what the doctor ordered. Let me just tell you, that dog's name is Cassius Clay (nickname: Clay) and 100 points goes to the person that can tell me why. It's clever.

My cousin and her family also were in this weekend and stayed with us. Becks and Paisley got along great and we can't wait to see them at the cabin in a few weeks!

Grad Class numero uno ends on Friday, so I'll have a little less on my plate for a week before my summer courses kick in. School's out in seven days! Yippee!!!!!

That's it for now!

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