Tuesday, April 24, 2012

First Pet(s)

Do you remember your first pet?
And just how excited you were about it?
There is something special about being given the responsibility of looking after a creature and having it live in your house!
My girls love animals and pretty much every other creature you can think of (except for maybe giant snails...hehehe...).
So when I informed them they were going to get their very own pet pets this last Saturday, they were ecstatic.

Especially Pipey who probably has more maternal instincts than I do!
So what woud their very first pets be?

Praying mantids!

I know.
Not exactly conventional.
Nonetheless, the girls were over the moon!
They have yet to hatch and have taken up residence in our bathroom awaiting their birth day.
Oh the anticipation.
The things I do in the name of education.
I can't even watch the youtube video of them hatching without wanting to throw up.
True story.
But they are exceptionally cool.
(And I hear they eat spiders so they can't be all bad, right?)

We've already had some issues though.
I'm preparing Piper beforehand by warning her that they will likely eat each other when they hatch.
It's how they're made, what they do.
But this girl cries when I kill the ants that invade my kitchen every spring.
She's sweetly sensitive about these things.
She's quite adamant about the fact that brothers and sisters should not each other.
Even if they are carnivorous insects.
This could end in disaster.
At least Tait, I'm sure, will find it absolutely rivetting!

Well, I'm off to see if a plethora of bugs have hatched in my bathroom yet!

But a word to the wise -
if your kid is as sensitive as my Piper, don't show them the praying mantis and goldfish video...

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