Friday, April 20, 2012

The ABC Bunny {BFIAR}

This week we 'rowed' The ABC Bunny by Wanda Gag.
The girls loved this book and it provided lots of different things to learn about and discover together!

"F for Frog - he's fat and funny.
"Looks like rain," says he to Bunny.""

Quite simple but delightfully fun!
Fill a jar half full with water.
Add shaving cream to the top.
Provide a pipet and colored water.
Instruct them to add the water to the top of the 'cloud' using the pipet.

It made for a very pretty rainfall!

And ended with some beautiful designs on the paper towel!
(Piper spent so much time with this! First, the Cloud in the Jar. Then adding the water to the paper towel. Finally, mixing the cups of water to see what colors they would make when mixed together!)

"P for prickly Porcupine. Pins and needles on his spine."

Playdough and toothpicks = oodles of porcupine fun!

"I for insects here and there.
J for Jay with jaunty air."

I filled a tub with birdseed (a treat for the jays!), toy insects and a foam alphabet.
The girls went right to town searching for letters ad insects, scooping and pouring the seeds.
The best part?
We got to do it outside in the beautiful sunshine!

Piper figured out the beginnning sounds for each of the animals in the book and added a clothespin to the corresponding letter in record time!
Seriously, this kid knows her letter sounds!
(Printables from Homeschool Creations)

"H for Hail!"

This little game from Homeschool Creations kept these two busy for a LONG time!
They would roll the dice and then add the correct number of 'hailstones' to a print out of the little bunny and a cloud!

"O for Owl with bookish look."

We painted and assembled the cutest little toilet paper roll owls!
This also lead to a discussion about nocturnal animals.
Piper was blown away by the thought that there are creatures that sleep during the day but are awake all night! 

"L for Lizard - look how lazy."

A field trip to the pet store to observe some lizards....

"K for Kitten, catnip-crazy"

And to buy some catnip for a beloved kitty!

"M for Mealtime - munch, munch, munch!
Mmm! these greens are good for lunch."

We made some kale chips so we could munch on greens, too!

The girls tore the kale into pieces and placed them on the baknig sheet.

Then they sprayed them with oil.

Sprinkled, er, dumped salt on them.

And taste tested them....
They weren't so fond of their 'greens'!
But I was proud of them for trying!
If anything, they found the process of making them enjoyable!

We also listened to the song that accompanies the book.
They had fun dancing around and doing their twirly girly thing while listening to it!

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