Sunday, January 6, 2013

Here We Go!

We've been totally chilled out around these parts for the last couple of weeks.
It has been so wonderful!

Lots of laughter

and the antics of a little one's first Christmas.

Happy favorite gift smiles

And special together moments.

We added to the annual Yankee Swap legends

And painted snowman masterpieces.

The learning continued

Both inside and out.

We still had our fair share of challenges

But nothing could stop our happy, holiday attitudes!
So to days full of Mr. Dress Up watching, karaoke singing, Barbie playing, hot chocolate drinking, Christmas light ohhhing and ahhhing, Honeybee Tree competeing and late night Pinteresting behind us, I bid adieu to another fantastic holiday together time!
We're all a little sad to say goodbye but delighted at the thought of all that the New Year will hold! 
School starts tomorrow and our little sunshine is turning one very, VERY soon!
Here we go!........

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