Friday, January 4, 2013

InstaTHURSDAY on Friday.

I decided to link up with Kate's InstaTHURSDAY on Friday. 
Recently I have been taking more pictures with my iPhone so this seemed like a great way to share them.  Also, since I blog mainly for record keeping... I'll like looking back at these someday just in case they get deleted.  
All these instas revolve around us enjoying our new Christmas gifts!
The little cowboys in their new Gator right before the snow.  
We are itching to get it back out!
My new bedding from my parents.  LOVE
Photo c/o of Big Brother Keeler
These little cowboys love their new truck and trailer Mimi!
My new necklace from my MIL.  
{Yes, I'm turning into one of those girls that takes pictures of herself. I blame the iPhone. #apologies}
I sent this picture to Tyler asking him on a pizza/Jacuzzi date.  It worked!!  We had a nice date but now he's asleep in his chair, I'm blogging and watching the Cotton Bowl.  And guess who's there?!
My sister and her gang.  So far...great game. #gig'em

And one more picture...
I call it "Oh no, you didn't!!"  
Daddy had to watch the little cowboys one afternoon this week and he sent me this picture.  
Someone decided he needed some hot cocoa.  
5 packets of hot cocoa.  All over the floor.    

By the way, I'm loving the Blogger iPhone app.  Why didn't I start this sooner?  
Night y'all! 

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