Sunday, April 28, 2013


I finally got a few brother pictures that I LOVE of my two little cowboys.  It all started Sunday after taking some pictures during Sunday school because they looked so darn cute and they were the only kids in my class. 
They turned out cute and a little silly as they always do:
But when we got home from church I wanted to give it another shot.  Keeler, as Keeler always does, immediately showed resistance to the idea but then asked if we could take them in the field by our house.  My response, sure!  If he was going to embrace it – I’d take them anywhere.  And Kallahan is game as long as big brother is on board.  So I quickly grabbed my camera, mind you I've been taking pictures solely with my iPhone for months, so I had to dust it off a bit.  
Here’s the result:
I only got a few shots before they were 'over it.' But I was pleased because I don't know it I've ever actually captured them together so sweetly.  I love these two little guys more than they’ll ever know.  I love being their mommy.  

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