Sunday, December 27, 2009

Checkin' in...

Hey y'all. I am exhausted. The holidays have completely wiped me out. Becks has a terrible cold and has been in bed with us for the past three nights, entertaining us with his midnight acrobatics. I barely slept last night. Thus, I have about this much energy for which to blog about Christmas. So, you'll have to settle for the few images that I managed to capture. There are many more pics on the grandparents' cameras, and I will post a more detailed holiday wrap-up sometime this week where I'll tell you about how excited we are to be Netflix members again and how no Christmas morning is complete without scooter races. Enticing, isn't it?
Who needs "the poof" when you wake up with hair looking like this? Completely natural, snazzy hairspray not needed. Becks is eating at one of his Christmas presents. I go weak in the knees at the amount of coloring and crafts and lego monuments that this table will witness over the next several years.

This was the little peanut butter on Christmas Eve doing a jig to some Hallmark toy that plays Charlie Brown's Christmas. Looooove it.

Hope your holiday was merry and bright!

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