Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Q & A for Babbling A

I've seen lots of Q & A on blogs lately. And since my brain is stretched to come up with material lately, let's do one. Or try to do one. Maybe no one will ask any questions and then I'll just feel like a big bloggy loser, but I'll prepare my pride now.

I'll answer try to answer them on my birthday, which is in - gasp - 8 days. It's kind of scary being in your late twenties. Eh.

So, ask away. Whatchu wanna know????

PS. I am having a lot of trouble with comments lately (i.e. it will say I have 1 comment on my dashboard, but really I have 4; or they won't show up until days after the comment was left). If you've submitted one and haven't seen it post, would you mind emailing me at babblingabby(at)gmail(dot)com? I have noted the problem with blogger, and it's apparently happening to other bloggers too. Thanks!!!

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