Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Three years away from the big 3-0

Today I celebrate birthday #27. B and I went to dinner last night at Bonefish. I had sangria in my birthday wine glass {given to me by my dad} and it was yum.
Additionally, I attempted the poof as detailed in the post found here. It is life changing and you should watch the 12 minute video so that you, too, can poof your hair with such pizazz. Fortunately, it doesn't require a claw clip as rocked out by Snooki in Jersey Shores. These girls teach you to do it with class, and I promise you won't look like a guidette when you're through. It should be noted that I only had Aqua Net on hand, which seemed to work just as well for $1.92. I will, however, be in search of the spray spoken of in the post. My poof seems to look better from the side than it does head-on, as seen in pictures of me and B out to dinner. Will go for more height next time. Lastly, I have a cute boy child. He is watching Sesame Street for the 407th time and eating a pretzel rod with G on the floor. He is also cute, if I haven't mentioned that before.
Happy Birthday to me!

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