Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Christmas with B's side of the family.
Have you put any thought into your New Year's Resolutions for the New Year that is a little over 24 hours away? Yeah, me neither. I can hardly believe we're approaching a new decade...or that I can't remember where exactly I spent NYE2000. Do you remember? I think we were all waiting for the world to end. Or our computers to crash, at least.

Gosh, that's totally going to perplex me until I remember. I was a junior in high school, I can tell you that. And I'm sure I was with B somewhere, since we were high school sweathearts and all. I probably wasn't at a party, since my mom and dad were pretty stringent about curfew and making sure they called the parents of the party-thrower to ensure supervision and such. Our church always hosted an all-nighter for the youth group, but I don't really remember going. But maybe I did? Hmmmmm......

Sorry, enough internal dialogue.

We have no NYE plans here that don't involve staying home and hanging out with family. We might order Chinese take-out and pop open a bottle of champagne, if we really want to get crazy. Seeing as I've never popped open a bottle of champagne in my entire life though, I really doubt it. But it sounds like fun. We'll likely watch Seventeen Again, since it arrived from Netflix yesterday, and that will round out our night where we'll struggle to stay open to watch the ball drop. Is it ironic that I actually was 17 as the year 2000 began? {FYI: Zac Efron was 12. Ha!}

I've always thought that NYE was such a let-down. Sure, it warrants an extra day off work and a reason to buy a sequined dress (though I actually bought a sequined dress the other day for everyday-wear), but my past NYEs have always been very lackluster. Thus, this will be the third year that we've stayed home with no extravagant plans. And I'm entirely okay with that.

However, let it be known, that B and I do have New Year's Day plans that involve a travel, a babysitter, and an occasion to wear a sequined dress ;)

Happy 2010, BFFs!

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