Thursday, July 29, 2010

2 Posts in One Day. Grad school classes are definitely over.

Things I'm Thinking About Presently:

1. Why can I never find the mute button on the remote?

2. If I ever have a landline, I might make a special effort to find a Duck Phone that quacks instead of rings.

3. If I had an acronym to describe my life, it would not be GTL. Mainly because I passionately hate doing laundry.

4. I might be watching JS reruns right now, while I cut out laminated cubby tags for my classroom that doesn't even have any cubbies. Wishful thinking and/or preparedness.

5. I never told you how sad I am that my favorite scripted reality TV show has ended. I loved The Hills. Every season. Even with KCav. The ending was phenomenal and I watched it by my lonesome, drinking cherry wine in Michigan. I quite possibly teared up a bit when Holly got emotional over Heidi's disappearance.

6. I have started reading Breaking Dawn. Bella and Edward are about to tie the knot. I never finished Eclipse, though I saw the movie on opening night and loved it. Since I have almost 2 years to finish the last book, let's hope I can make it.

7. I found another great buy from Walmart! Especially for us elementary educators! They are carrying a line of {PJ} tops right now sporting Dr. Seuss characters! First Eric Carle, and now Seuss! Love it. And it's only 7 bucks. Perfect for Dr. Seuss' birthday celebration in March. And to wear out running errands in July ;)

8. Please refer to above pic for proof that I do, in fact, make my bed daily. It just so happens that for the majority of the WIWW outfits, I hadn't made it yet...

9. Movies I currently have from Netflix to watch: The Time Traveler's Wife and Remember Me. Seen them?

10. School starts three weeks from yesterday. Siiiiiiiiigh. Back to cutting out cubby tags.

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