Friday, July 8, 2011

All Cracked Up.

It's summer.  It's hot.  And my wardrobe must function accordingly.

I loooooove sundresses (and, really, all dresses for that matter), and long for the months when I can wear a dress without leggings.   They're so fun and feminine and unrestricting.  If Becks wasn't {still} sleeping in our bedroom right now, I'd take a picture of my closet and you'd see dress upon dress upon dress.  You'd also see that I am a lousy housekeeper and an even worse launderer.

Also, there's another reason I love dresses during the summer.  I HATE SHORTS.

I hate them. So much so that I haven't purchased an actual pair of "real" shorts (i.e. not Sofee cheerleading shorts) in years.  I've tried to like them, I really have.  I try them on in the stores and then immediately think These are so dang uncomfortable!  and peel them right off.  When I was little, I once described a wedgie to my mom as being "all cracked up." And, that right there pretty much accurately describes the main reason I avoid shorts. They consistently leave me feeling all cracked up

Further, and I never imagined I'd say this, but all the shorts out right now (mainly the ones at Target) are *so* stinkin' short!  {This coming from the girl who couldn't get short-enough-shorts in highschool...and probably college.  Ahem.}   It doesn't help that I'm borderline behemoth (5'10"ish) either, so shorts are even shorter on me. For the record, I've tried shorts from Banana, GAP, and Ann Taylor, too.  No dice.

But, you see, I have all these super cute tops that I might compromise the feeling of cracked-up-edness for, but they cannot be super-duper-show-your-heiney-short. 

So, where on Earth is everyone buying shorts from these days? 

{Y'all were so helpful in directing me to all the hot spots in Charleston, that I'm for certain you can help me out here, too!!!!  Thanks so much, btw!!!!!}

PS.  I was going to add an image to this post, but Googling "booty shorts" turned up less than appropriate results.  Happy Friday :)

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