Wednesday, February 6, 2013

My Little Oreo

Have you ever heard this saying?

On a regular basis I'm reminded how true this is.
For example, yesterday I was so very proud of myself for getting around to cleaning the kitchen window.
It had sorely needed a good polishing and today as I walked though the kitchen I couldn't help but admire the fact that not a smudge was to be found on that window!
I felt like I had accomplished something great, clearing the way so the sun could stream freely in and I could look out unhindered at our snow christened birch .
Things were looking up in the midst of the deluge of my domestic duties...

Tonight supper was nearly over but Tait and I were not quite done yet.
I was pretty intent on finishing my meal up so I didn't notice that Tait had stopped eating.
"Mama, look!", she says.
I paused to look up and couldn't really decide what it was she seemed so proud about as she stood there on her chair, facing the window.
"I made a snowman with my tongue!", she declared proudly.
Sure enough - a tongue snowman now decorates my kitchen window thanks to my little oreo.

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