Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Drama for your mama...

This is going to be a listy post about The Hills & The City because I just can't bring myself to create something cohesive out of the insane amount of drama that goes on between those two shows.

  1. Did you catch the opening credits where KCav is in the convertible BMW? Eerily similar to LC's convertible BMW, no?
  2. Audrina and her sister Casey have the exact. same. teeth. For real.
  3. How nice of Lo to meet up with KCav in Audrina's absence...
  4. Was the look on Steph's face not absolutely priceless when she saw JB and KCav smoochin' in The Playhouse or whatever it was called? They may not have shown it, but I'll bet money she sent out a mass text within seconds of seeing that little bit of gossip-worthy eye candy.
  5. And how about that sweet little dance between a hairless JB and KCav. HA! Sorry, stifling laughter here. Snicker, snicker.
  6. "I can barely be around adults - how am I supposed to be hanging around with kids?!" a classic and incredulous quote by Spender.
  7. Um, how RUDE was Spencer to the little neighbor boy?! I know, I shouldn't be surprised.
  8. The preview for next week suggests that JB stands up little Miss Ego Trip. Again, not surprised.
  9. Go visit my newly married BFF for more wit and wisdom surrounding this week's episode of The Hills.
  10. And here is my brief commentary on The City: I am scared of Kelly Cutrone. Seriously.

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