Wednesday, October 28, 2009


Hey guys. What a little trooper our man is. He is slowly but surely getting used to having the trach, though he has a lot of secretions (which is normal at first) and they really bother him and make him upset. I think it scares him when he can get them up. Scares Mommy too. Mommy finally got to do her first suctioning by herself today! I got an A+! I know I will get the hang of it fast... but it's so different doing nursing care to your own son. Randy and I will both have to get checked off on everything to do with Tripp's trach care before we leave the hospital (I thought I was done with school..). Which I think is great. Daddy will have to learn, too, along with ANYONE who will be spending even 5 seconds alone with him incase of an emergency. We will all have to watch the CPR video, have to learn what to do incase the trach comes out (which would be an EMERGENCY), and learn how to do site care and be able to suction when he starts coughing up his secretions. Anything could happen, even if I just run to the front of the street to the grocery, so it is so important that everyone who will be caring for him know how to do everything. Here he is holding Mommy's finger. It's a comfort thing.

Baby boy smiled for the first time since surgery yesterday. Then Mommy cried because he smiled. Ha. Today, he hasn't been very happy... but I thought this was the cutest thing in the world, it broke my heart! He was playing with all his new "hospital" toys (because you KNOW he had to get hospital presents), and nothing was really doing the trick.. I guess he didn't recognize anything from home. MeMe had taken Ernie home to wash him, so I just got him back. When I put Ernie in front of his face, he freaked out and started smiling, and picked his hands up to grab him! It was freaken adorable. He loves Ernie.

Ok, so as if I already don't have enough to carry around when I travel with Tripp.... NOW we have a whole new set of supplies. Most of the supplies have to be with him 24-7. The guy came in and explained everything to me today. And not to mention that I only have ONE outlet close to Tripp's bed.. and I now have 3 things to plug in for him at night. UGH. Wanna see?

I know this will not be surprising to you, but Tripp is almost 6 months old and now has his own portable DVD player. I know, he is absolutely spoiled rotten, but he deserves it. It's working out pretty well, because I just set it in the crib and he has something to look at... because he can't see the T.V. good from his crib... and he likes to watch cartoons.

He sat up today after being changed and was smiling and in a pretty good mood... Look at these chubby cheeks!!

So that's pretty much the update.. we are doing good, better day by day. Hopefully every day will get easier and easier. I was saying today that before we came into the hospital, I was JUST starting to get comfortable with everything... the tube, dressing changes, feedings, everything. And NOW, it's like I have to start all over again. BUT.... I know it will become second nature. It will just take time. And I have NOTHING but TIME!!
Will update again soon!
God Bless, and thanks so much for all the prayers.

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