Thursday, October 1, 2009


Hello, BFFs.

I am working on a post-Hills/City post with all my intuitive opinions, but it's not quite ready for submission. I'm overthinking it, I'm sure.

We've been busy this week around the Babbling household, yet the week has seemed to last forever. Don't you hate weeks like that?

Becks had his 15-month well baby check-up, and they again confirmed how perfect he is. Only he wasn't so perfect at the appointment. He cried almost the entire time, pausing only to play with one of those wooden-bead-moving-contraptions (is there a better name for that thing?) that would surely test positive for anything swine flu related, I'm sure. Then he got mad at it, threw it to the ground, and looked for something to bite. Biting things is the way he releases agression, apparently. He's even tries to bite the wall at times. I try not to laugh, but am not always successful. Thankfully, he hasn't bit an actual person yet. That will not be funny.

In other news, I decided to embrace the season wholeheartedly this week, donning my black knit Uggs to school with tights and a sweaterdress. I mean, it was like 40 degrees when I left for school. That is cold. However, I wasn't near as cute as Beck was in his little boy jeans. Unlike the quest for the perfect pair for myself, his are an easy buy - pretty much any pair is a score as long as it bears an elastic waistband.

Here he is with bedhead after a nap, rockin' the denim. Are they not the sweetest when they wake up all sleepy and snuggly? Love him.

He's also taken to hobby that we really don't condone. But it's funny. Kind of like the whole biting the wall bit. We discourage sharing your dinner with the dog, of course, but he derives so much pleasure from letting the dog lick his sticky fingers that we just kind of watch his little kid wonder at its best. It's pretty much worth seeing him giggle, even as we cringe as he scoops up mashed potatoes with the same hand. Ick.

Well, this was a boring and random post, but such is life sometimes. TGtomorrowIF!

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