Monday, October 19, 2009

Feliz Navidad. In October.

It is a great Monday here at Chez Babbling. The sun is shining and warm, tea is steeping on the stove, and I'm wearing tights and a sweaterdress. All combined make it a rather perfect fall day. Sigh.

My goal for the afternoon is to lesson plan, but I often find that Mondays are great days for catching up. Doing a little laundry, tidying up a bit, checking in on some of my favorite blogs, and kind of getting things resorted from the weekend. Lesson planning might be taking a backseat to slow living today...

I don't know about you, but I think the messiest day of the week is Sunday. It has to stem from the chaos that is getting ready for church, which probably shouldn't be chaotic, but it always is. There are always clothes that need ironing, coupons that need clipping, and - truth be told - it takes my husband years longer than the rest of us to get ready. So, while I'm applying a little lip gloss, baby on hip, ready to head out the door, he's sauntering out of the shower lazily admiring his stubble in the mirror and wondering if he should shave.


Many a Sunday morning argument have centered around leaving the house at 10:45am and not a second later, only to find Beck and I buckled into the car for 5 minutes before our driver decides he's ready to go. Then, we're scrambling to get Beck into the nursery while worship is beginning and I'm shooting daggers through the holy air at my husband. It's a good thing we live less than a mile from church.

I pretty much remember Sunday mornings at home when I was younger to follow similar suit. Trying to coordinate five showers (at one point, three teenagers who had to shower) was difficult, as was not being the last person ready to go after having searched entirely too long for a missing Esprit purse (tell me you weren't all over Esprit purses in middle school). Going even further back, to the days when my mom had three heads of hair to brush, braid, and bow was even more of a challenge. There may have been more Sunday morning arguments then than there are now. Oh, to be the mother of three girls under the age of six. Oy!

So, anyway, Sunday mornings are a bit of a disaster. And Sunday afternoons are now football and lesson planning, which is why it is my goal to have my plan done way before then. So I can actually enjoy the latter half of my weekend, and maybe take a nap or do something else besides pour over picture books for three hours.

Oh, and we did shoot a rather phenomenal family picture this weekend for my parents' annual Christmas card. All was well until we scanned through the digital images to select our favorite. Yup, that would be my husband there, sticking his tongue into my brother-in-law's ear. His talents never cease to amaze me...

PS. Did I really just say Christmas card? Where has 2009 gone?????

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