Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Come Thrift With Me...

Before reading further, please take a moment and sing the title of this post to the tune of the most overplayed song in Bachelor history. Yeah, you know the one.


Today was the 100th Day of School. That means there are roughly 80 days left in the school year, give or take. And that's pending the twelve feet of snow expected over the next week. Kidding. But we are supposed to get a snowstorm of sorts this weekend. If it carried through Monday, I wouldn't protest. Long weekends and short weeks are never a bad thing.

I would like to tell you all about our 100th Day festivities, but my the kids took that part of my brain with them when they left at 11:41am on the bus, leaving behind only a couple memories that included fruitloop necklaces, 100 Days trailmix, and crowns mades from sentence strips. That was all that came to mind after spending the morning fixated on orienting everything around the number 100 while making it fun and core-content oriented.

So, to detox, I opted to thrift. Becks and I hit up my two favorite local haunts where you have to go at least twice a week to happen upon treasure. Last week was fairly successful, so I didn't know if I could top it. But, alas, I did.

Here was my list:

And here are the goodies that now have a home:

End Table = $8

Coffee Table = $15

Wine Carafe = $2

Tiered Basket = $2

Deco Book = $3

Teak Bowl = $1

Deco Plate = $3

I am determined to come in way under budget for decorating our living room, including furniture. So, the $23 spent to buy the new coffee table and one side table is what the thrifty call a BARGAIN. That barely took a chip, or even a scratch, out of the budget. And when I sand those babies down, paint and shellack (fav word!) them, you'll think you've died and gone to Pottery Barn. Or at least Home Goods.

My other exciting find was the House Beautiful decorating book chock full of 750 decorating ideas. I'm going to need something to entertain myself when B unplugs the internet to paint around the outlet, you know.

And see that lovely plate back there in the background? The one I was planning to fill with veggies and dip for my girl's night this weekend? Well, about .2 seconds after snapping that picture, this happend:

Doh! I was so mad! It was my own fault. That's what I get for taking pictures for blog's sake.

So, while I still don't have decorative mirrors or uniquely shaped lamp bases, I did find some great stuff. Have you done any thrifting lately?

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