Friday, February 19, 2010

The many faces of our little HAM...

Tripp has been a complete HAM lately. He is SO rotten (rightfully so) and definitely knows that he has us wrapped around his little raw fingers. His smiles and facial expressions lately have been so so cute, I could just eat him up.
He had his upper GI done this morning and it was not as bad as I expected... because like I said, he is a complete angel. They put some Nestle Quick chocolate in his barium, I sucked it up in his syringe... and he couldn't get enough. He just didn't like the fact that he was laying down on the table and someone was holding him down. I don't know the results yet, so I will let you know when I know... BUT we also went to see the ENT while we were already at the hospital and she took a look down his airway again... and it looked GREAT!!! Praise the LORD. Thank you to everyone who has been saying prayers. They are obviously working! Please continue to pray that his airway can stay blister-free!

I handed out my first "Tripp card" today. It was perfect actually. This really nice lady walked up to us in the hospital and asked us if we were Christian. We said yes and she told us that she had a dream last night about a little boy with markings all over his face. She then asked if she could pray over Tripp. And I said, "Most DEFINITELY." Pretty cool, huh? I thought so. And I thought it was the perfect opportunity to hand her one of his cards. That way she can keep up with us.

I am so happy with the way things have been going the past few days. I just hope things continue to stay good and I hope we can find some kind of Happy Medium with his trach issues. My mom bought us a humidity detector (or whatever it's called) and I bought a few more humidifiers so we could have one in almost every room. So hopefully we can try and help all of his "drying up" issues.
We finally found a company who does Tripp's trach and G-tube supplies!! Thank you so much to everyone who tried to help us find someone. This company is local (Patio Healthcare) and so far has been AMAZING! The guy that came out to the house to bring his new equipment and supplies could not have been any nicer. Maybe losing the other company was a blessing in disguise... The other company was fine, but I feel so much better about the new one.

(OH, Don't forget to check out the blog below to find out about the local Chili's Fundraiser for Tripp!)

So here are a few pictures of today when we were sitting out in the lobby of the hospital waiting for our next appointment. He was CRACKING ME UP! And when I say he's a HAM, I mean it. I know these pictures are all the same, but that's why I called this "The many faces of our little HAM." He was surly putting on a show. When he tilts that head to the side and gives that little grin, it's like he's saying, "Mom, does this face make you want to give me whatever I want?" Yes, little buddy, it sure does!!

Believe it or not, these next pictures are him smiling.
It's his new thing. HILARIOUS.

And last, a little video of us sitting out in the lobby.

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