Thursday, February 11, 2010

Go Buy These!

Disclaimer: I teach kindergarten. I {heart} Eric Carle. That is all.
If you teach elementary grades, have a fondness for The Very Hungry Caterpillar, or have a cute little girl to buy these for you MUST go to your local Walmart and buy one (or three) of these super cutie tees! Because not only are they precious but they're only SEVEN dollars a piece! And that, my friends, is a deal! You can find them in the little girl's department.

Also, I didn't have school again today. We had a 2-hour delay (which cancels AM kindergarten), and now we have a 4-day weekend in front of us. Oh, yes, also more snow on Monday and Tuesday of the coming week. Gah!

The floors are in the staining process and hopefully will be shellacked by this weekend. Wahoo!!!! I. CANT. WAIT.

Okay, well, go to Walmart. I'm off to Target with my sister and her kids. Because otherwise we're all going to go insane from cabin fever.

PS. I'm getting my hair done tonight and am pretty much over the moon about it. Because we all know how blondes get when 6 inches of roots are showing. Caaaahrazy!

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