Thursday, February 25, 2010

The State of House Address

Our house seems to be in a perpetual state of remodel. Don't get me wrong, it's absolutely wonderful to have the opportunity (and spare cash!) to do some upgrades, but the process can be excruciating. I adore the floors and the fact that we were able to sell our furniture quickly, but we now have no where to sit and have spent the past four nights going to bed at 8pm because, well, the only TV in the house is the 19 incher at the foot of our bed. Not pictured. Purposely. In real life (we're living in fake life right now, I guess), we don't even keep a TV in our bedroom. Takes up too much space in our petite chambre and detracts from the serene ambiance. Nothing like a big black eyesore to get you in the mood, right?

So, yesterday, I was determined to return at least one room of our house back to its full functioning state. Our bedroom was the only room that qualified since we have an adequate, though minimal, amount of furniture, plenty of accessories to play around with, and matching bedding and curtains (though my husband would beg to differ). They match in my opinion. We actually bought a new bed this weekend that fit in perfectly with the curbside treasures already in our room.
Sidenote: Our mattress has been through various residences during our brief marriage. First, it sat happily upon an enormous, ornate wood bedframe that pretty much took up the whole bedroom. Then, when we moved upstairs, we gave the bed frame back to my parents (original owners) and situated the mattress atop a hollywood bedframe, 2X4s, and cinder blocks. Classy? No. Resourceful? Yes. Lastly, when we moved the bedroom back downstairs in September, we just sat it upon the hollywood bedframe and said to heck with it. Then, this past weekend, we bought a bed. I wanted white and told B to pick out whatever style he liked. I like what he chose and it works beautifully.
So, now at least one room in this house looks put together and complete. Minus a rug, of course. {We can't put rugs on the floor for another three weeks due to the curing process of the floors.}
And, if you look hard enough, you might find my new blue cake plate, serving as a lamp plate instead. I needed to even out the height of them lamps until I buy the match to the lamp to the right. It works, right?

I do have an issue that needs amendin' right quick. What to do with all of this????

They all used to live happily beneath our coffee table or stored in our old TV stand. Now they're all looking awful junky on the floor in the dining room just begging for a new home. How do you creatively store toys? If anyone has advice on furniture that would hide store Becks' things, do tell!

PS. I'm on Snow Day #10 here today! Ah! School until JULY. And there is NOTHING on the roads. Ridiculous.

PSS. We are hunting ravenously for new furniture, but nothing seems to be made to fit into small homes anymore. EVERY sofa we've seen is oversized, overstuffed, and reminisce of our old furniture. Suggestions welcome.

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