Thursday, October 25, 2012

Busy Fo Shizzy

It's been insanely busy lately. Busy, but awesome. Work is getting more awesome as I'm given greater opportunities and responsibilities. In the next couple weeks, I'm scheduled to attend an independent medical exam, a deposition, and a court hearing. (Court...woo hoo!)

When I first started the new job, I was totally overwhelmed. There are so many freaking cases! The only thing to do was grab a file and dig in. Now I'm feeling a little more familar and comfortable with the cases and the work. On a daily basis, I feel as if I'm up to my elbows in litigation: answers to draft, discovery requests to send out, motions to prepare, legal research to conduct. I absolutely love it!

It's very clear to me from what little experience I have (3 years), that I belong in litigation. I love absolutely everything about it. There will always be times when I'll get nervous or feel a bit uncomfortable about doing new things (examining witnesses at trial, taking depositions, etc). And sometimes it can be a little bit scary to think that I'm in charge of someone's case, when lots of money hangs in the balance. BUT, I'm kind of used to it by now. I mean, I'm a mom for heaven's sakes. Human LIVES are in my hands! The things on I do on a daily basis could scar, maim, or mess up my kids for life. Compared to that, a little personal injury case is nothing. Right?

Things are awesome at home too. As with most four year olds, Jacob can be both really sweet and a real pain the neck. I have to bite my tongue at least once an hour to prevent myself from saying things that my mom used to say to me. For example: "I'm not going to tell you again!" or "Life's not fair!"or "Don't ask why, just do it." Ugh, major cringe....."Hello Mom, when did you suddenly sneak into my brain?

Lately Jacob has been doing puzzles when we get home for the evening. His puzzle skills totally amaze me. Two months ago, he couldn't do the 12 piece puzzles without help. Now he'll finish all four of his 24 peice Thomas the Train puzzles all by himself in one sitting. I think he's been taking brain steroids or something....

Story Time:

Ryan continues to be a very happy little guy. My favorite thing sbouy coming home is that first momen when I walk in the door. When it's my husband's turn to pick up the kids, I walk in the door in the evening to a warm, full house. Jacob's resting on the couch or playing with his cars or legos. Ryan is usually sitting on the floor next to my husband listening as my husband plays his guitar. The second Ryan catches my eyes, his face completely lights up, and he lets out a long string of high-pitched giggles. These giggles usually last a full couple of minutes. My husband tells me he saves those giggles just for me.

I can't help constantly reminding myself how lucky I am. I get to go to work to a job that I LOVE and then,I get to come home to a house full of my favorite people on the planet. No matter where I am, whether home or work, I am in a place where I want to be. Life is happy.

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