Friday, November 16, 2012

Friday Favorite Things {3}

Every good and perfect gift is from above.
Join me now as I wander through the last couple weeks pointing out one gift after another.
For these I give thanks.

Such serenity in the midst of chaos.
She reminds me that my attitude need not reflect my surroundings.

A normal morning scene.
Teaching my children at home is proving to be far more beautiful then I could have ever dreamed.

Always so helpful.
Sometimes I forget that this is the better way.

One tooth.
I'm kind of glad.
I adore that nearly toothless grin!

Telling me she can do the next page and all the pages in fact!
So motivated and eager to learn.

Learning to roll dough into a ball.
Eyes fixed on her big sister.

New discoveries during a visit to Daddy's work.
This was a big day for my little homeschoolers.

Favorite game.
I'm addicted.

I give her the water pen.
She dumps it and stomps around making foot prints instead.
Every time.

Sweet, simple family time.
Togetherness is wildly good.

Playing with sisters makes for the happiest of afternoons.
I'm sure there is no better background noise than their giggles and interactions.

I have no words.
This just makes me laugh and shake my head.
Ah, childhood.

Big sisters at her service.


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