Sunday, November 4, 2012

POTUS Elections: My Favorite Sport

While I don't love all the ads, the Facebook proselytizing, and the sudden onset of closemindedness that surrounds presidential elections, I love the elections themselves. I love studying local issues. I love voting (except when the electoral college pretty much renders my presidential vote void). I love studying government and politics. And I love that once every four years, all my nerdy and passionate government knowledge comes in handy. Once every four years, it's acceptable to talk passionately about government without people thinking your a total nutjob. Hmm, well maybe people still think that, I wouldn't really know.

This is really sad but I just learned the acronym POTUS. It was pretty much the highlight of my week and I bubble over with giddiness everytime I get to use it, whether outloud or in my own head. Yup, government nerd.

I'll never forget the first year that I got to vote for the.... POTUS :) I made a cake in the shape of a flag (sadly, the red stripes came out pink) and sat down in front of the television with my roomies. I was probably the only red voter in a five mile radius. My roommates and I had a healthy discussion about our differences and we watched in much anticipation as the states on the map changed from white to red or blue. The electoral map is my favorite thing about the election. Can I please have that job someday?

The second time I got to vote for the POTUS was equally memorable. That year, I voted blue and was swept away with entire nation as we elected our first half-black president. I felt so proud to be an American that day. I'll never forget the image on TV of the president and his family embracing after the election was called. I fell asleep filled with hope and pride. Warm and fuzzies!

This year, I'm equally excited. I kind of expect that the candidate I voted for will not win. But I'm excited nontheless. I love the process, even though it's not perfect. (While the electoral college once had a very important purpose, I don't think it's necessary now- actually, I think we should be like France and elect a president every 5 years with no option for them to run for a second term. that makes SO much sense to me!) I've been following campaign drama for the past six months and I'm equal parts ready for it to be all over and ready to know who will be in charge for the next 4 years.

While I have strong opinions for the person that I am voting for, I'm not super hung up on who wins this election. I think I've lost much of my idealism. And I'm definitely not a sensationalist. I don't think either candidate is evil. I don't think either candidate will destroy this country. And, honestly, considering the very limited power that a president has, I don't think the identity of the president is going to make a huge impact on the lives of most people. It's realy the Senate races, HOR races, and SCOTUS (another favorite acronym) appointments that are key for making changes. The presidential election...that's just a sport, right? So, on Tuesday, maybe I'll buy a cake this time. Then I'm going to sit back (or maybe stand and shout) and enjoy Tuesday night election sports.

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