Saturday, November 17, 2012

O' Christmas Tree

 Please don’t roll your eyes or think negatively – but yes, I am one of THOSE people that already has their Christmas tree up.  But hear me out, I have good reasoning…  Friday afternoon I got off work at noon because Tyler and Granny (our sitter) had a funeral to attend.  It gave me and the little cowboys something fun to do without taking over the weekend.  Also, we will be gone for Thanksgiving so when we return it will be so nice to come home to a decorated home.  I LOVE Christmas and I am soaking up a few extra days this year.
Last year we didn’t put a tree since we were still in the process of settling in the new house so it was exciting to see.  I kept thinking I needed a new 10 foot tree with our vaulted ceilings but I ended up just making the topper of our little old tree a bit taller and called it good.  Now I’ll just watch for a bargain after the holidays.  
I was a bit afraid of how Kal would be around a tree but he has done great.  He was napping when Keeler and I did most the work so he was quite impressed when he woke.
What's better than a new tree skirt?  
A new tree skirt on beautiful new floors.  Thanks again to my handsome hubby! :)

Tyler’s mom (aka Mimi) came up on Friday for the funeral and ended up staying in town for the weekend.  We’ve had a lot of fun with her and the rest of the family.  Friday night we had steaks and played games at our house.  
Today us girls and the little cowboys attended the local holiday shopping bazaar and shopped around town.  Best of all we got to see Santa Clause at the bazaar.  Keeler was a bit timid but was really excited.  
We also had to start Elf on the Shelf early since he “appeared” while we were decorating.  Note to self:  next year don’t just store him with the Christmas décor because my little helpers mightfind him.  Keeler is really interested in the elf and keeps talking about him.  I went back and pinned all those cute ideas on ways to hide him because I think he’ll get a kick out of it.  I’m looking forward to making Christmas memories with my favorite little cowboys this year.  
Let the Holidays begin, even if it is a bit early!


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