Friday, November 23, 2012

Friday Favorite Things {4}

Busy, crazy week.
Lots of teething tears.
And stuffy noses.
Planning fails.
And loss of sleep.
But sweet, simple moments too.
Ones worth lingering in a little bit longer...

Sad little soul made a wee bit happier.
Apples from Papa are good.
Teething, not so much.

Afternoon of science.
Amazement at breads ability to absorb.

Toy joy.
The noise of this one drives me crazy.
Her obvious delight at having figured it out means she gets to keep it.

Friday evening coloring extravaganza.
Accompanied by heart felt conversation.
Time well spent.

New songs discovered.
I love how music can bring such calm and cheerfulness to the heart.

And the moments without picture proof...

Throwing rocks in the river as the sun slowly announces day's end.
And a little stops, sighs and leans in close:
"It's boo-ti-ful."

A baby pulling herself near to lay her head on my back and snuggle close.

A knock on the door which I open to find a gift offered up.
A dirty pine cone from their pine cone garden.

A return to the table to thank me for a meal I thought was a miserable fail.

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