Monday, August 26, 2013

Back To School 2013

Today was our first day back to school!
It went surprisingly well.
I think we're all glad to have some routine back in our lives!

Here is what we are doing this year:


Ambleside Online, Year 1 ( We are basically following this to a T. The only changes I've made is adding in Canadian History readings. )
Home Art Studio Kindergarten (I chose the Kindergarten level so Taitum could join in without it being too far beyond her!)


Slow and Steady, Get Me Ready (I'm using this with Renly, too, as it provides activities for one year olds. You can download it for free here.)
Before Five In A Row (We will occasionally row a book.)
Busy Bags (I'm working at getting these together for her since she likes to sit with us while Piper does her school work.)

The girls favorite thing today was the Home Art Studio art lesson!
I can't say I blame them!
I remember loving art projects in school, too.
And it made for a very pleasant way to end our first day back!

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