Monday, August 26, 2013

Weekend Whoas!

We spent another weekend at home.  It's hard to believe that this summer we have only gone out of town one weekend.  One weekend, how is that even true?!  We are usually traveling all the time.  I have to admit, it's been nice to be home more.  I think I'm becoming a homebody, eeek!  At least in September we have a couple exciting trips planned.  
So here's a quick recap {in iPhone photos}
Keeler was a bit under the weather late in the week.  We spent the afternoon at home resting and then made jewelry.  In college I worked at a build your own jewelry store.  I had a slight obsession/addiction to buying every bead and tool we sold.   Ten years and two kids later = several boxes full of unspoken 'treasures' in the basement.  It was fun to get out some of the old stuff and play.  I repaired a few of my favorites while Keeler made me and his Granny some pretty awesome necklaces and bracelets.  Please don't tell his dad, but it really was a good activity and great for his hand/eye coordination. :)    

On Friday, everyone was feeling better so after work we took a big ice tea out to Tyler on the farm.  He's been planting so I hope we helped break up his day.  We went and checked sprinklers with him in an old work pickup.  I looked over and saw that Kal was holding Keeler on his lap.  How cute is that?!

Since we had sickies on Thursday and Friday we got home so late I missed two workouts of T25 this week.  It's only a five day a week workout so missing two would set me back.  I was c-r-a-z-y and made Saturday morning an official weekend warrior fest.  I completed 2 of the T25 workouts plus ran a 5k.  I ended up working out for 92 minutes.  Never again will I do that because I was starving the rest of the day!  Pretty much defeated the purpose.  This week we start week 5 and I'm loving this program.  
Saturday was also the neighbor's birthday.  We spent the afternoon with them.  After the party, the older boys and dads went out to their family farm and rode paddle boats.  Whitney and I kept the little boys, cleaned up after the party and then enjoyed a well deserved adult beverage(s) while the kids played.  I love that we have great neighbors! :)

On Sunday, the most excitement we had was Tyler and I attempted to do a toy clean-out.  We explained to Keeler that we needed to donate some toys to children that don't have many.  He was all on board!  Tyler went around with him and asked him specifically if he wanted to "keep" or "donate."  It was so funny to hear his excuses on keeping the tiniest of toys but in the end he had a very giving heart and made us so proud!

 In the afternoon, we went grocery shopping and then had dinner with the neighbors.  
In the evening we played outside.  Keeler ran up to me and said, "I need to take a dump." - very matter of factly and in a deep voice.  He then went and walked to the side of the house.  I gasped but then quickly realized he meant to say, "I need to take a leak."  To add to the humor, Kal ran to the side of the house right behind him and started pulling down his pants.  Geesh, life with these cowboys is always exciting.  
How was your weekend?


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