Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Happy August!

 It's already the 7th and this is my first post in August.  I feel like such a slacker ;)  
We've been busy enjoying the last bit of summer and some nice evening rains.  We are so thankful for much needed moisture in our area.
This darling boy is entering into the terrible two's.  Over the weekend he threw some full-out temper tantrums.  I mean throwing himself on the floor screaming fits.  It was so hard to handle but we'll get through it.  He's always been my easy going boy.  I think most of his frustration is coming from not talking.  I know that he's just learning his way and soon this will pass.    
{I've got this mom!}
 Sunday evening, Tyler and Keeler went to the farm so Kal and I had some much needed alone time.  We went on a long walk and visited a few parks along the way.  He was so happy the entire time.  It was nice to get my pleasant little boy back.  
Tyler told me to relax, we just have 1, 2 maybe 16 years to go. So reassuring, thanks love!


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