Sunday, August 18, 2013

Be Shocked: Supplement

As if the stuff I already posted about is not enough, I forgot to add some other wonderful conversation bits that I shared with my boss at happy hour the other day.

First, for some reason he started calling me "bro" all through happy hour. Weird much?

Then after our waitress (an elderly Asian woman) came over to drop off our beer and then left to go back to the bar he said to me, "Would you ever let the waitress touch your boobs?" While he said this, he made weird boob-groping hand motions.


"Come on, what if she was dying? Would you let her if she was dying and it was her last wish?"


It was very awkward. I'm not actually offended, more just totally shocked. A teeny tiny part of me is flattered that I've apparently been inducted into the "boys' club." But still... the unprofessionalism is a incredible!

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