Saturday, August 10, 2013

Happy News!

The other week I landed interviews for two different jobs. I really, really wanted the one job. With all of my soul. The other job, I wasn't so sure about- especially because it was initially posted as a temporary six month job. I did not get the Dream Job. But Friday, after a second interview, I was offered the Other Job.

Interestingly enough, the more I learned about the Other Job, the more I realized that it was a really great fit. During my second interview, I felt as if they were trying to sell ME instead of the other way around. They told me that they re-worked their budget and have figured out a way to make the position longer than six months, possibly a long-term thing. It's not what I THOUGHT was best for me. But, I'm realizing that it really IS best. Best for me and for the entire family. Funny how life works out, isn't it?

So...the job. I would be working in the Civil Division of the local County Prosecutor's office. This job has been described to me as being a "general counsel" for the entire county, including elected officials and other agencies. That just sounds so dang awesome. And this is my chance to expand my lawyer skills beyond litigation. And escape the billable hour. And earn medical benefits! And have a fifteen minute commute (OMG!!!! What is that like?!)

One frustrating thing I learned during my job search is that having solely done litigation work, I am not qualified to even be an applicant for any other type of lawyer position. Honestly, I never thought I would want to apply for anything other than litigation work, but I'm slowly realizing that being a trial lawyer is just really hard when you have a commute and a family. The billable hour requirement (even though it is fairly reasonable compared to other firms) is always a source of anxiety and actually decreases my productivity.

This is my chance to acquire new skills! I've never, ever had a lawyer job that was not entirely focused on personal injury litigation. I have no idea what to expect. But I'm really excited to try something new. The division where I will work is full of "lifers" so I expect that the environment and is pretty good.

While I'm really, REALLY excited. I'm full of dread and anxiety. I have to show up to work and give my two weeks' notice. I HATE doing this. You would think that after having three different jobs in three years that I would be getting used to doing this. But it is never easy. I work in a small office and I work really closely with the partners, especially the one who recruited me from my last job. I am pretty sure he will take it personally. He doesn't do a good job of masking his emotions at work and I had to "let him down." Plus, we are down two staff people right now and I hate to add more chaos to the mix. I know I have to do what is best for me, but that doesn't do anything to calm my anxious nerves. Ahhhh!

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