Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Preschool Line-Up: Bible Beginnings

We teach our kids about God and the Bible.
I didn't think so!
If you know us, you know that learning about God and His Word is a part of our everyday.
Our faith is the most important aspect of raising and teaching our kids.
So it only makes sense that I would incorporate a concentrated Bible time into our day.
Piper is at the point of being able to learn and remember various Bible stories and this is the first year that she has been able to learn and retain a memory verse with ease!
Our Bible time routine has changed from last year though -
we now read one story from The Beginner's Bible each day of the week.
The repetition of the same story all week has been very effective with the girls.
They remember much better what the story was about.
Then, I use the Beginning With God activity book to help introduce the story and the activites suggested in it to reinforce what we are learning.

There is a 'Make It and Munch It' section of the book that supplies a craft idea to accompany the story.
The ideas are very simple but quite effective at driving the point home.
The girls completed this craft after learning about how Adam took care of all the animals in the garden but couldn't find a friend who was suitable for him.
The girls stuck animal stickers all around stick figure Adam:

Then God made Eve to be the perfect mate for him. Thus the foam hearts pasted all around stick figure Adam and Eve! :)

Very simple but they LOVED it!

Memorizing Bible verses and the Catechism for Young Children has been incorporated into our circle time routine.
Last year we used Songs for Saplings to help us learn memory verses.
It was fun and the kids still love listening to it!
This year though, we are using Seeds Family Worship: Seeds of Courage CD and is it ever great!
I even love the music and the girls and I have a great time dancing around and belting the verses out at the top of our lungs!

Check it out for yourself to see what I mean!

Additionally there are numerous printables that you can find to go along with each verse at In My Heart @ Totally Tots.
It is so neat to see Piper be able to memorize these verses and get so excited about reciting them!
Often it is one of the first things we do in circle time because she just can't wait to say her verse!

During circle time we also learn songs that are commonly sung at our church.
I think it is important that the kids recognize the songs when they are sung in church and they be able to sing along as much as possible.
So, every morning we sing the Doxology.
(For the first little while Piper would ask to sing 'the ducks'! lol)
As well, we are in the process of learning Oh Protector of my Soul.
I wasn't totally sure how well it would go trying to teach the kids songs that weren't kid oriented.
But the more I read, the more I realized that they were more than capable of not just learning these songs but enjoying them!
This has proven true!
They are very excited every day to sing our songs!
Of course, there is generally a request for 'Jesus Loves Me' and thats OK too!
I am thoroughly enjoying singing together with my girls about the God I love!

Finally, I would like to highly recommend The Jesus Storybook Bible.
It is by far the best children's story Bible I have ever read.
I even learned new things from it!
The author, Sally Lloyd-Jones, does a beautiful job of showing how every story "whispers His name".
There are numerous videos of various stories on the Jesus Storybook Bible Facebook page to give you an idea of what it is like.
Well worth checking out!

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