Monday, September 12, 2011

Preschool Line-Up: Letters, Books and a Zebra

I promised I'd tell you about our homeschool plans this year.
Rather than attempting to squish it all into one large blog post, I thought I'd break it down a bit.
That way (maybe) you won't get bored and I can go to bed a bit earlier tonight!
Good plan?

For starters, I want to tell you about the All About Reading Level Pre-1 program I purchased for this year.
I saw lots of other bloggers talking about it.
Of course, I had to go check it out for myself.
I liked what I saw and so I took the plunge.
I am so happy I did!
So far, this program has been exactly what I was looking for!

You see, I'm not interested in trying to make early readers out of my kids.
If that happens, great.
But I just feel that at this age, gently exposing them to the world of letters and phonics is all that is necessary.
To top it off, this program is FUN!
We sing the ABC song, read a poem related to the letter of the day and do a letter craft sheet.
Piper is really into learning letters and so is sucking this stuff up!
I mean, the girl is delighted to go find the letter of the day on the AAR letter chart!

But the best part?
That would be Ziggy the Zebra!
He is the highlight of our morning school time!
He plays a game each morning with Piper that involves rhyming, syllables, initial sounds, etc.
She talks to him like he is her new best friend.
Rather adorable.

And although Taitum is too young to participate in the games, she loves Ziggy just the same!

I do love the fact that there are aspects of this program that I am able to involve Taitum in.
The craft sheet, for example.
She is more than capable of doing the varying crafty things involved and LOVES that she is doing the same thing as her sister!

Finally, I am thoroughly enjoying how everything is planned out for me.
In fact, that is another reason I decided to order the program.
With another baby on the way I wanted to keep things as simple as possible.
I realize many of the daily activites we do together will likely be set aside for a little while come January but I am hoping that this aspect of their day can be continued until we are back to normal!
Here's hoping!
But in the meantime, we are having a great time learning the alphabet together!

I also am incorporating all kinds of read alouds into our day.
We are still continuing on with the Sonlight P3/4 book list that we used last year.
I love the books included in this list and so do the girls!
Pipe's latest favorite?
The Stinky Cheese Man.
Of course.
I also make an attempt to borrow lots of book that are related to our theme.
(Love, love, love the library!!)

And so we read,
And laugh,
And snuggle,
And have a grand ol' time!

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