Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Then & Now

Becks is officially back to school  My word, it feel like we just did the first day of school for him last year.  Why does having a kiddo make life go at super speed?! 

The morning started with donuts and coffee and a big green star balloon.  Typical.  I kid.  It’s just milk.  All the sippies were dirty. Also, I loathe the day he can no longer wear footie jammie because he just looks so dang sweet in them.


Then, we took the standard front porch First Day of School pics.  He was a little more cooperative this year.

September 2010:

September 2011:


He’s such a ham!

Then, it was off to school where he played with Rescue Heroes and grilled me a hamburger.



As tradition goes, we hit up First Watch next.  Yummo,


Then, I forced B to take a pic of me and Becks because, seriously, it’s a rarity he and I are in the same frame.  Also, the matching kicks were not intentional. 


We stopped by the house briefly before we had to take Becks to a doctor’s appointment, and that child is all kinds of active.  I’m lucky that all the pics I take don’t look like the one below.


And, the good news is, the pumpkin doesn’t have to have surgery.  He has syndactyly on his tootsies (i.e. webbed toes), which are barely noticeable, but his pediatrician wanted us to be sure that his bone growth was on track. No fused bones, so we’re good!


And one more cute this-year-last-year comparison pic (to make up for my month long absence).


So stinkin’ big!  Love. This. Child.

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