Saturday, September 24, 2011

Roller Coaster of a Week

This week I felt like I was really dragging my feet.
Too many busy weekends in a row meant that I hadn't been able to catch up on sleep.
And I was feeling it!
Somehow we were able to keep up with school though.
And despite not accomplishing everything planned, it ended up being educationally packed anyways.

Our fav project of the week?
Our own little Garden of Eden.
Complete with Adam and Eve peg people!

Piper made us all a mean lunch of strawberry banana sandwiches on cinnamon raisin bread.
I think she's found her calling!

And we're moving right along with our alphabet!
Full speed ahead!

There may have been some trouble on the home front though...
Notice the chore list in the corner?
One check mark.
I cleaned the bathroom.
And don't let that menu fool you.
It was followed two fifths of the time.
But our saying as of late is "Chill out, dude."
And I'm trying.
Really trying.
Life's a gift.
Just slow.

This little purchase brought some cheer to my poor, neglected home.
The smell of autumn in a candle.
For less than $5.
Which makes it smell even better!

And I was a tad too excited about this purchase.
I'm just a little overly pumped about our dinosaur theme planned for January!

Then I had a good laugh when I went to meet my obstetrician for the first time.
After sharing that I had breastfed both of my girls successfully and with no complications they proceeded to ask several times if I'd like to attend the breastfeeding clinic!
Um, pass.
I'm pretty sure practicing on a teddy bear is unnecessary at this point!

The week ended beautifully with my hubby taking me out for supper
(whoohoo for a 'no cooking' night!)
And my in-laws kept the girls for the night.
*Inject happy sigh*
I even went a little crazy and bought a whole bucket of candy to eat while we watched all the season premieres we missed during the week!
I didn't even mind that I looked like a stereotypical preggo walking out of the store with only a bucket of candy in hand!
But it did make me miss Germany.
And Haribo.
And orange Fanta.

As the saying goes, all good things must come to an end.
Tonight I find myself ever so grateful for intense cleaning tools.
Like Lysol wipes.
I'm all for natural cleaning products until my kid pukes all over her room.
Me and Lysol are besties at the moment.
But I might not be eating crunchy peanut butter for a good long time....

And so, we finish the week off with a family movie night, a bucket on the floor, a little sister keeping an eye out for her most favorite companion and hopes that maybe we'll make it through the night with no other incidents!

What a roller coaster!
I'm just so glad that there is so much happy to balance out the exhausting, disgusting and disappointing!
Isn't that just the life of a mother?
I think my best advice is to always look for the good.
Believe it or not, its there.
And when you find it and dwell on it, it overrides everything else!

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