Monday, September 5, 2011

Stop the World. We’re Alive.


Hi, y’all!!!!  Omiword, I feel like I’m reuniting with friends that I haven’t talked to in years.  My heart’s jumpin’ a little, and I am seriously *smiling* right now as I type!  I mean, it’s been a month.  Over a month, actually, since I’ve so much uttered a word on this poor, little neglected blog!  If you’re still reading, thank you!

{And now I can officially get my mom, my sister in Lex, and Dr. B off my back about updating!  Bonus!}

So, things have been cah-razy busy.  In a good way, though!  Life is going well and everything is just fine.  School started quickly and grad school started the very next week.  I love my new kididdles, but – of course – am already counting down the days until Fall Break.  Ha!


Becks is growing like mad.  He starts school tomorrow.  He’s ready.  Also, he thinks he’s a pirate.  And is really into…hmmm…little boy humor?  To put it kindly.  His imagination has absolutely erupted over the summer, and he’s always making up words, playing pretend, and entertaining us with his crazy stories.  Love him.





B starts carpentry school tomorrow! Yay!  It’s about time he put all that talent to use :)035

Me?  I’m still thrifting, Targeting, blogging {at The Inspired Apple}, decorating, teaching, and seeking out an extra hour or two in the day to do it all.  I’ve still been visiting all of you on the sly, usually around 6am while I drink my first {of many} cup of coffee.   Don’t think I don’t know what’s going on in bloggy world ;)

Happy Labor Day!

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