Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Weekend Whoas (by Keeler)

Hi!  I am Keeler and my mommy takes lots of pictures so I can remember our special times.  Ill tell you about my weekend!

My parents finally put together the kitchen I got for Christmas.  
Brother and I played and baked mommy some muffins.

Kallahan can stand up all by himself!

 We went to the zoo with Jill, Cameron and Gavin

 We spent time with Daddy

Mommy says it's good to stop & smell the flowers, so I did! 

 I spent time with my cool little bro.

 We went on a walk to the park. 

 Had a picnic under a tree & ate my favorite, watermelon!! 

 Brother crashed in his stroller. 

Mommy told me about Memorial Day.  She said today we remember and thank those that have fought and are currently fighting for our freedom.  She said that we are so lucky to live in America, "The land of the free!"  We talked about freedom.  Freedom is being whatever I want to be, like a fireman!  
Happy Memorial Day!


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