Thursday, May 26, 2011

Ok, so I resort to begging...

Please meet
The CANNELL Family

Donnie and Karrie Cannell are from Lodi, CA.
They are a "his/hers/ours" family of TEN.  They have eight children between the two of them.  
Their oldest daughter, Jamie, was born with EB (Dominant Dystrophic) so they have experience in the physical and emotional part of caring for someone with this disease. 
They first found out about Carson through an EB help site called "EBfriends."

This is Carson.  He has EB.
He is in an orphanage in Eastern Europe.

The minute Donnie and Karrie saw him, they knew they wanted to adopt him. 
And through the (long) process of adopting Carson, they recently learned that Carson has an older brother!
His brother's name is John.  He also has EB.

Carson and John were seperated from each other about 2 years ago when John was sent to an institution  because he was too old for the orphanage.  

Donnie and Karrie will be adopting both Carson AND John. 
They are trying to bring these boys back together and home to the states to be a part of their family.

Here they are before they were seperated.

These boys HAVE EB. 
They are living without parents and without each other in an orphanage and an institution. 

SO... you might ask, "What's the problem?" 
The Cannell Family have already raised 
$11,360 towards adopting these boys.
They need about $35,000 more. 

They are working SO hard with tons of small fundraisers here and there. 
It's just not enough and not fast enough.  
Here's why:

The next step for them is their travel date!
This is HUGE. 
They could be traveling to their boys in a week to 4 weeks.


They cannot bring these boys home without these funds. 
That is the only thing in the way of Carson and John coming home to the states to be with their new family.
So instead of all these small fundraisers that this family has been doing in the past 6 months (auctions, garage sales, scentsy parties, pancake breakfasts... etc), let's ALL come together to help them.

So here's the deal. 
And I'm just as guilty as anyone. 
(And I FEEL guilty for even asking this after everyone has been so generous to me)
But think about your most recent trip to the mall, or Target, or Wal Mart, where ever...
Think about that one thing that you bought after you said, "Do I really need this?" 
But you bought it anyway, right?  Of course.  We all do.  
Well I'm asking you... Ok, I'm BEGGING you- 
Take that $5, that $10, that $20- whatever you can- 
and click 
Then click the link on this family's page and donate that amount to them. 
They are trying to save these little boy's lives.  
They are trying to bring them home to a real family and show them what it feels like to be LOVED.
If you can help this family family save these boys by just going without that "one little thing" that you can't decide if you want to buy or not- PLEASE do.  PLEASE. 
This family has asked for my help in doing this-
so I'm asking for yours.  
I want so bad to get the email from Donnie and Karrie that they are holding their two boys in their arms.
And that their kids are playing and enjoying their new brothers.  
When I share that e-mail here on this blog again, 
I hope you can say that you helped bring those boys home.
Please help these boys become Carson and John Cannell.

I have 610 followers on this blog. 
If you each gave them $5- that would be $3,050.
$10- $6,100
$20- $12,200
That would be huge to them!!
ANY amount would be huge to this amazing family!!

Please go to their page, and click on the link to donate. 

GO, GO, GO... 


And if you don't want to donate through the link on their page, 
you can e-mail me and I can give you their address to mail a check directly to their home. 


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