Thursday, November 19, 2009


Here's Daddy's attempt with the binky.
This was his the first time he even acted interested in it at all.
As you can see, it wasn't very successful...haha

This is his little "Jump-N-Go" that I pulled out this morning. It hangs in the door frame, but the only door frame it fits is in our front door because of our old house with our thick, rounded door frames... He didn't LOVE it, but maybe one day.

We bought these a while back when he first started wiggling his feet, because we thought he would love them.... When he wiggles his feet, we call them "Happy Feet." He'll start wiggling them when we say, "Happy feet, happy feet!" He has now just started to even acknowledge them. I think they're so cute.

Here he is with his monkey and with that "to die for" smile!

Today was a good day... better than they have been.
Still a lot of suctioning, but Tripp has been in a much better mood today.
Thank the Good Lord. Hope it continues.

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