Friday, June 8, 2012

Summer Adventures: Mactaquac Beaver Pond

Our school week got 'interrupted' by good weather!
We all joyfully bounded out of the house Thursday morning delighted to have the opportunity to join some friends on a field trip to the Mactaquac Beaver Pond!
(Ok, maybe not so joyful. Piper whined the whole way there, asked to go home and worried about bears. But in the end, she just can't quench this Mama's enthusiasm and she was later thrilled about our little adventure!)

First, we discovered a tree that had been cut down by beavers.

Now that the girls knew what they were looking for, they were on the hunt!

We happened upon many interesting sights along the way!

photo by K.M.

photo by K.M.

photo by K.M.

photo by K.M.

And there were no bears to be seen except this one:

There was also the thrill of standing on a tree stump.

The view was beautiful.
This was a pond made my beavers.

I was quite certain Tait was going to end up in it.
(She did not, for all you worry warts out there.)

Renly was having fun, too!
(Because sleeping is fun.)

There were lots of plants to investigate.

The beaver huts were very easy to spot.
We saw several instances of them having been hard at work chopping down trees recently but they kept a low profile.

Some kids were on a school field trip and out in the pond with nets catching all kinds of critters.
The girls had a wonderful chance to view close up what exactly resides there!

A catfish.


Dragonfly nymphs.
(I nearly lost it when I first saw them and thought they were spiders that could breath under water...)

It was a fantastic day with friends!
We'll certainly be back to hike the other trails!

photo by K.M.

We love summer adventures!

(Special thanks to our friends for sharing this one with us!)

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