Monday, September 3, 2012

And Then She Was Five

photo by Renee Walton Photography

Today, she's five.
I can hardly believe it.
I know everybody says things like that when their kid turns a year older.
But for some reason, five strikes me as a long time.
I kind of feel like the wind's been knocked out of me.
Maybe because five years is a long time when to me, those first few moments of her life are still so real.
I can still smell that new baby smell.
I see her all scrunched up in a mini human ball in my arms.
I can feel that feeling of indescribable joy and excitement and love.
Yes, that new mother love.
It never really goes away.
But in those first few days, weeks even, it was concentrated, intense.
I can still see the doctor holding her up in the air and proclaiming "It's a girl!".
And I can recall my shock and surprise at this revelation.
Then, that first moment of holding her close.
Who can ever forget that?
Introductions and giddiness and tears.
I sang "Happy Together" over and over that first night.
We really were.
And it didn't matter that this was the hardest thing I'd ever done in my whole life.
Caring for that baby was pure delight.

And now I have this little girl.
She now joins me when I sing to her.
She does most of the stuff I used to do for her.
I'm still madly in love.
This is still the hardest thing I've ever done.
It still doesn't matter.

Because you, my girl, still make this Mama's heart flip with love and joy and pride!

Happy 5th Birthday, Piper Grey!
{Your Mama loves you!}

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