Sunday, September 30, 2012

Who's Gonna Stay?

I've had Sarah Groves' Cd Invisible Empires on repeat in the van as of late.
My girls listen intently to all the music I play.
Occasionally, I put on children's music for them but unless its Seeds, I get annoyed by it rather quickly.
So they've simply gotten used to listening to Mama's music.
They even enjoy it.
It's normal for requests like, "Can you turn it up, please?" to make their way up from the back of the van.
As well as requests that it be turned down for a moment so that they can ask a question about what a certain line means.
This has led to some very interesting conversations during our travels together!

Anyhow, I love when they start singing a song on their own.
I always find it interesting to hear which one remains in their minds as they sing it out while playing or coloring.
Piper was singing this one today.
She kept repeating the line "Who's gonna stay and think about it?".

Here's Sarah Groves explaining what the song is about:

It got me thinking.
I hope that I raise my girls to stay and think about it.
To be biblical and intelligent.
To take the time to consider the repercussions and consequences of things happening in our world.
To discuss and observe and form an opinion.
To be unafraid to tackle the challenges their generation will face from a Christian perspective.
I hope I raise women who are relevant and aware within their culture and who are faithful to our God.

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