Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Conversations: How I'm Earning My 6-Figure Education

Some days you just hit the jackpot:

Man: "It's been three month, why haven't you settled my case."

Me: "Uh, because it usually takes 1-3 years."

Man: "You know the first thing King Henry did when he became king?"

Me: "[Sigh.] No. I don't"

Man: "He killed all the lawyers! And NOW I know why!"

Me: "Yeah.... I think that was just in a Shakespeare play."


Woman: "[Frantic] My brother's in jail for a sexual assault and I think he's innocent! What do I gotta do?!"

Me: "You need to call a criminal defense firm."

Woman: "He's innocent! He really is! How much will it cost?"

Me: "I don't know, we don't do criminal defense."

Woman: "That 11 year old bitch framed him! I know he's innocent. I just feel it."

Me: "I can give you the number of a criminal defense attorney."

Woman: "How much money will it take to get him free?!"

Me: "I have no idea. Here's the number for the other attorney."

Woman: "So, will you take my case?"


Me: "I'll let him know that you called. What's your phone number?"

Woman: "1-800-In-Da-Butt! Ha ha ha ha!!!"

Me: "..?.."

Woman: "Ok, seriously? It's XXX-5555"

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