Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Mama's Favorite Subject

Mama's favorite subject?
Home Ec.!

Actually, Piper asked...no, wait....begged to be able to clean today!
I figure this won't last forever so I might as well take advantage now!
The thing is, having her 'help' with certain household duties sometimes ends up making more work for me!
But wiping down the bathroom mirror, sink and counter didn't seem too complicated and she was delighted with her job!
Taitum, of course, had to join in and I now have a sparkling bathroom counter!
I also got to enjoy the sounds of sisters working together...
Piper: "Tait! Don't spray me!
Tait: Pa-PUR! I wanna turn!
Piper: "AH! I got sprayed in the eye!....Mom? Can I wash the walls, too?"

NEVER a dull moment!

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